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Was anyone betting on the NFL in 1990? Magazine question.


Hey, weird question, I know. But, I'm working on a novel set in 1990, and one of the characters gambles a lot. I want to show this with a table covered in betting magazines. Did those even exist back then? Or, would some one have done their homework through general NFL magazines and season previews? Thanks for taking the time to respond.



Yes there were handicapping books. I never really used them myself. Relied on previous season data, personnel losses, personnel gains, schedule, coaching trends but most of all start the season out feeling teams out.

Here is a Football Handicapping book published in 1984. You can find all kinds of vintage handicapping magazines if you Google search for them hard enough.

Thank you! handicapping is the search term I've been looking for

Not NFL but it was 1990

The odds on the 1990 Cincinnati Reds sweeping the Oakland A's in the World Series where 400-1.


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