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Rip Forrest L Wood

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Founder of Ranger boats has passed.


Toughest best fishing platforms ever built.


Met him a few years back at Special Olympics fishing derby. He was in his eighties and signed autographs, took pictures and visited in the cold and rain for hours. Speaks volumes of his character IMO. Truly an ambassador for our great state.


From all I've ever heard of Mr. Wood, he was a great man in a great many ways.  Certainly he was an inspiration for us all to follow.


More years ago than I care to admit I was paired with Forrest on the 'amateur' day of fishing leading up to a national invitational 3-day Bass tournament on Toledo Bend Reservoir in southeast Texas.  It was just the luck of the draw on my part....the pros got paired with a media type or amateur and we spent the day fishing.  He was serious about his fishing even then...long before he started his Ranger Boat dream.  Just a genuinely nice guy.  He and 'Nina' had 69 years together.     

P.S.  ...and it's funny...but I can't remember what kind of boat he was fishing from.  Rangers weren't around yet.  Skeeter?  Maybe?

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