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Should the Pro Bowl just be the skills competition?



--- Quote ---While some of the best and brightest stars of the NFL will show up in Orlando, many athletes feel the Pro Bowl is an unnecessary game. Many players will forego playing in the game to nurse injuries from a long season, and the game ends up being a defenseless exhibition. Some think it works better as a skills competition.
What do you think?

Players don't want to play in it, coaches don't want to coach and fans hate seeing an inferior product on the field.

The league has tried new ways to spice up the game with a fantasy draft and other quirky rules, but nothing has really generated more interest. Players won't go 100 percent because they don't want to risk injury in a meaningless exhibition. The fans are treated to a slower game where defenses play shell sets and there's no real playbook strategy to make the game interesting.

Many of the best players in the league won't even play because they have injuries from the season to recover from. If the players can't go all out, there is no point in having a game. At least the skills competition offers something relatively safe for players and is entertaining for the fans. Who doesn't want to see NFL players play dodgeball?


Who says the Pro Bowl isn't entertaining? You have some of the most athletic people in the world competing against one another and making incredible plays. Sure, it's not intense like a regular season game, but these are players who want to prove they're the best against the best.

Millions of fans tune in every year, and broadcasts have gotten creative in their coverage of the game, taking you inside the huddle and in the headsets of the coaches. People get to actually hear what calls are being made! The Pro Bowl may not be perfect, but it is football and all it needs are a few tweaks to make it great. The Pro Bowl needs to stay.
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no.. then we would have to look forward to Lamar trying to hit a moving


--- Quote from: #1 STUNNA on January 25, 2020, 08:08:37 am ---no.. then we would have to look forward to Lamar trying to hit a moving

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Laughed my ass off. In the same day I read where an NFL talking head had stated Lamar Jackson greater than Mahomnes. And his reasoning was Jackson much closer to Mahomes as a passer than Mahomes is to Jackson as a runner.

Same day, Jarvis Landry takes Jackson down in the passing skills competition.......Davante Adams outscored him as well.

You can't make this stuff up!!

Comparing Lamar Jackson to Mahomes as a passer is laughable.  You would have to question if the person doing it actually watches them play.


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