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Invasive Carp

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--- Quote ---Tennessee Wildlife Resources has confirmed that a fish that jumped into Dustin Hinkle’s boat on Lake Chickamauga in October is one of these dreaded critters, known for reproducing in the millions and making some waterways risky for boaters due to their jumping behavior.

Silver carp are so abundant in Kentucky Lake, downstream of Pickwick, that they’ve reportedly decimated the bass population there.

It is likely that these fish traveled up the Tennessee River through navigation locks, ultimately finding their way to Chickamauga Lake. “TWRA has been working with multiple partners to limit the spread and impact of invasive Asian carp in Tennessee,” said Frank Fiss, TWRA Fisheries Chief. “This new observation demonstrates the urgency of the issue.”

Other than becoming flying missiles that sometimes smack boaters, the carp are considered a threat to gamefish populations because they vacuum up all the algae and plankton in a lake as they reach critical mass, starving outpopulations of smaller baitfish like gizzard shad and thus reducing the food supply for bass and other gamefish.

Fry-sized gamefish also rely on zooplankton for their food and can be wiped out by dense concentrations of carp, according to biologists with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The carp quickly become too large for bass to eat, reaching more than 50 pounds and living 20 years.

Hinkle said the invasive fish “jumped into the boat as I deployed my trolling motor.” Hinkle encountered the fish near the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant
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Sequoyah Nuclear Plant


They’ll damn sure fly into boats on Arkansas River


I had one jump in my boat in Stinking Bay down on the White. I don’t see how they can be stopped


--- Quote from: theFlyingHog on February 06, 2020, 06:20:09 pm ---I had one jump in my boat in Stinking Bay down on the White. I don’t see how they can be stopped

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Make it legal to commercially fish them


--- Quote from: PEtrader on February 18, 2020, 11:08:31 pm ---Make it legal to commercially fish them

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How do you catch them? Nets? Or with a net while you’re skiing? Haha

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