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Just like at Louisville, Lamar Jackson makes plays and shows talent but kills his team with turnovers.

My assessment is that he does pretty well hitting stationary receivers but is inaccurate when throwing to moving targets.  His mechanics are inconsistent to poor, with several short-armed passes tonight.

Running QBs don't win Super Bowls.  That should be evident by now.

After the season he had I wouldn't go so far as to say it should be accepted that he or other dynamic running qb can't win the super bowl.  For one, relatively few have been given a real opportunity.  Cunningam and Vick are the only other modern era qbs that immediately come to mind.  RG3 might have been in the mix but couldn't stay healthy.

Winning the Super Bowl is hard, and Jackson is only 2 years in.  I don't know what his career will look like.  He did have some costly turnovers, but also didn't get much support from his defense, receivers, or running backs.  I look at it more as the Titans out coached and executed the Ravens.  Placing it all on Jackson isn't fair.  But that is how it works....qbs typically get too much credit for success and too much blame for failure.

All that said, I get it.  Has has been celebrated most of this year as an elite, revolutionary qb.  We don't truly know, yet.  Is he really more than Mike Vick 2.0?  Vick was an electric, exciting player...but until a qb runs for a thousandish yards and wins a super bowl, that formula will be doubted. 


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