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Photographer that got knocked out in GA game


Poor girl got trucked.

Looked like he tried to hurdle her and she took a knee to the head. Ouch.

Aubbie shut out in the first half though. Georgia to get the ball to start the second.

She got her lights turned out for a few minutes.  That's a dangerous job.  You're looking through the eyepiece on the camera and lose so much of what's happening around you.

Well staying focused on the photographer, she is in the hospital and nothing to do with Auburn. 


--- Quote from: BigoBoys on November 16, 2019, 07:13:11 pm ---Well staying focused on the photographer, she is in the hospital and nothing to do with Auburn. 

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appeared that she took a camera/knee to the noggin'....ouch!


--- Quote ---AUBURN, Ala. — Georgia's 21-14 victory over Auburn on Saturday in Jordan-Hare Stadium took an unfortunate turn late in the second quarter when Bulldogs running back Brian Herrien was pushed out of bounds and into sideline photographer Chamberlain Smith.

Smith, who is from Ringgold and graduated from Heritage High School and the University of Georgia, had to be carried off the field on a stretcher and was taken to East Alabama Medical Center for treatment. Georgia announced Saturday night that she had been released but did not provide specifics.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chamberlain Smith," Georgia coach Kirby Smart said at the opening of his postgame news conference. "It was really a scary moment. Brian felt really sick about it, and it was a tough deal.

"I'm hoping she's going to be OK, and I think she is."

Smith works for Georgia's sports information department, and several of her photos have been used this season by the Chattanooga Times Free Press with permission of the university.

Georgia's players prayed for Smith while she was on the ground and continued their well wishes afterward.

"That was a crazy chain of events there," quarterback Jake Fromm said. "We're going to be praying for her, and it was just crazy the way it happened. For Brian, obviously he didn't mean to do anything, and we just got together on the sideline and prayed."
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Chamberlain Smith@ChamberlainSmit
 6h6 hours ago

Kirby Smart finally shares thoughts on ‘scary situation’ involving Georgia photographer

--- Quote ---“To Chamberlain, I also want to say she comes to every Thursday night to this event in here,” Smart said. “We have a radio show. She’s here with us every Thursday night. She takes pictures. She does an outstanding job. And that was a very scary moment, I know, for our players and for me, because we looked over, and she was motionless at the time, and it was a pretty scary situation, I know, for Brian and Jake. But we want to wish her well and thank her for all the work she does. She does a tremendous job.”
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--- Quote ---University of Georgia sports information director Claude Felton on Monday provided an update on the status of Chamberlain Smith, the photographer who was injured in a collision with Georgia’s Brian Herrien during a Saturday contest with Auburn University.

Smith, who works as an intern under Felton in the sports information department, is resting at home with her parents in Ringgold, Ga., where she will be recovering for several days.
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--- Quote ---For those of you asking if I got “the” shot, here it is!! The last thing my camera & I saw before being tackled. @brianherrienn, I hope you LOVE this photo!! ❤️🏈📷 #godawgs

-- Chamberlain Lockett Smith
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--- Quote from: jbcarol on November 17, 2019, 05:25:37 pm ---Chamberlain Smith@ChamberlainSmit
 6h6 hours ago

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Good deal!

SEC on CBS analyst Gary Danielson apologized Saturday for comments he made during last week’s telecast after a Georgia student photographer was knocked unconscious.

--- Quote ---“Last week in real-time, I just didn’t see what happened,” Danielson said the broadcast of the Georgia-Texas A&M game. “In fact, I might have been the last person to see what happened. That confusion and my commentary that followed led some to conclude that I was kind of being insensitive to Chamberlain’s serious situation. That certainly wasn’t my intent.

"Simply put, I should have been better. I want to apologize to Chamberlain and our CBS viewers for that.”
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