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Prior jobs for SEC Winning Coaches in the BCS/Playoff era.


Here's a List of all the Southeastern Conference Championship winning coaches since 1998 and what their prior job was:

Here are the categories:

Major Conference coach, Same Conference
Major Conference coach
Non-Major Conference Coach
NFL Coach
College Coordinator/Position Coach (different college)
NFL Coordinator/Position Coach
Internal Hire
High School Coach
Other  (includes analysts or coaches who are out of coaching for a year)

Phillip Fulmer:  Internal Hire
Mike Dubose:  Internal Hire
Steve Spurrier:  Major Conference Coach
Nick Saban (LSU):  Major Conference Coach
Mark Richt:  College Coordinator/Position Coach
Tommy Tuberville:  Major Conference Coach, Same Conference
Urban Meyer:  Non-Major Conference Coach
Les Miles:  Major Conference Coach
Nick Saban (Alabama):  NFL Coach
Gene Chizik:  Major Conference Coach
Gus Malzahn:  Non-Major Conference Coach
Kirby Smart:  College Coordinator/Position Coach

Breaking it Down by the Numbers:  12 Coaches (yes, Nick Saban is two people for these purposes)

4 Major Conference Coaches
2 Internal Hires
2 College Coordinator/Position Coaches
2 Non-Major Conference Coaches
1 NFL Coach
1 Major Conference Coach, Same Conference

If there's interest, I can do the other major conferences.. but I figured the SEC would be a good one to start with for a debate on what type of coach should be hired.

Current CFB Playoff Teams, Coach's last gig.

1. Interim Coach at School (once fired after starting 3-18 in SEC play)
2. Interim Coach at School, was their OC
3. Interim Coach at school, was their WR Coach
4. DC for Nick Saban, no prior D1 HC experience
5. Saban
6. OC at Current School

While lots of Coaches could get 4 of these schools in Playoff Contention. 2 of these schools have similar profiles to Arkansas, minus an SECW schedule of course.

Just have to find your guy.


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