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Post Bama loss Finebaum shows



--- Quote ---When he got back to Charlotte on Sunday, his wife, Linda, a doctor asked him if he could call out sick on Monday.

“‘Are you serious?’” a laughing Paul told his wife. “Can you imagine if I call in sick on the day after Alabama’s worst loss in the regular season?

“It was never going to happen.”

The Monday after an Alabama loss is the definition of appointment listening of the Paul Finebaum Show. It can be a mix of despair, joy and schadenfreude as all of Finebaum’s loyal listeners want to weigh in on what has been the rarest of events during the Nick Saban era. Listening to that Monday show can feel like you’re eavesdropping on a therapy session.
--- End quote ---

As a still sick Finebaum put it after his show Monday night, “The rest of the world takes great pride in Alabama losing a football game.”


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