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Author Topic: Chad Morris and the rest of the season  (Read 394 times)

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Chad Morris and the rest of the season
« on: October 16, 2019, 01:47:18 pm »

I've had some harsh words for Chad Morris this week, and I still don't think he has the chops. But, for my sanity and enjoyment of the year, I want him to prove me wrong. College football is an ever changing and fickle landscape. After a close a&m loss, a lot on here were ready to forgive the SJSU debacle. If we close out against Kentucky last week, this forum would be rife with Auburn predictions and bowl game scenarios. Instead we lose a close one and everyone, especially me, thinks the season is over. Now I'm geting over it and ready to cheer for my Razorbacks. Do I think we'll beat Auburn? No. But I do think it's an 11 am upset time slot home game against a team with a freshman QB and struggling offense, and crazier things have happened. Just look at Georgia last week. All I'm saying is there is an unlikely, but possible scenario that plays out here where we beat Auburn, Ms St, and WKU to head into the Mizzou game seeking bowl eligibility.

Bottom line is, this young team doesn't know how to win right now. That is why we saw the "club dub" celebration and the disappointment to follow. They have been through a lot and are only 18-22 year old kids. Similar to year 2 of Beliema, if we can just get an  SEC win, a couple more will follow. Highly unlikely it happens this week, might not happen at all under CCM, but dangit, it can happen.


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Re: Chad Morris and the rest of the season
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2019, 03:44:10 pm »

This post right here. I’ve been a Chad believer since he stepped on campus. Last week hurt and I emotionally rushed to conclusions that we are done for. After some reflection I’ve changed my tune. This is why..

We are 1.5 seasons into Chad’s tenure in Fayetteville. Of those starting on offense and defense 14 of 22 are Bret recruits. I am counting Bumper Pool as a Bret recruit for this. He has his guys at WR and while young, they have already shown great potential. He has his guy in KJ waiting in the hole. Come next year he’ll be in the on deck circle with the chance to start depending on Starkel’s play.

Not one of our linebackers is a true Chad Morris recruit and that’s why the Memphis trio (who will be on campus this week for an OV) is a big dot deal for the 2020 class. Myron Cunningham has been asked to wear too many hats and needs to find a natural spot that he can consistently play. He’s not a plug and play type guy, not many are. Stromberg is playing out of his mind as not only a true freshman, but do to his weight loss due to his condition. Once he gets back up to 300 he’s going to be a beast. It takes time to develop talent.

In regards to the Devin Bush transfer, it was bound to happen. If you remember him and Gregory Brooks were friends and came to Fayetteville together. Bush was the last to commit, because Chad and Chavis promised him playing time. Something happened there where he didn’t so he transferred. Foucha mentioned during an interview yesterday that “guys come from being that dude in HS, to not seeing the field”. We have to remember these are 18 year old kids!

There is a clear divide in the locker room still with the old and new guard. All Brets guys have heard during there time on the hill is “they aren’t good enough”, “this freshman class is going to get major playing time” etc it’s clear by looking at what Brets guys pop off with on Twitter.

I understand losing sucks, but we are working with what we have in some key positions. Hell, we’ve got several walk on players starting. I’m all for a walk on playing well here and there, but in the SEC a roster will get destroyed with a bunch of Fayetteville High guys out there.

God Bless and Go Hogs

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Re: Chad Morris and the rest of the season
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2019, 03:44:34 pm »

I have been frustrated with some of the coaching decisions and the football team's play as well.  However, I don't think Chad was ready for this job.  As has been said before I think he is in way over his head.  Most people want a job promotion and make more money....but sometimes (despite the fact we may think we are ready) there is nothing or very little of a track record to show that one is ready for job with more responsibility and bigger problems. Morris slowly improved SMU but they were not winning championships.  Just like the players have to learn how to win, coaches have to learn how to win as well. Chad may have learned pieces and had the blueprint...he just did not have the experience building the blueprint to warrant getting the Arkansas job.  I have hoped things would improve this year.  In some areas, there has been improvement.  In most areas, the progress has stagnated.  Morris has 6 games left this season to show improvement or it may be his final season at Arkansas.


Re: Chad Morris and the rest of the season
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2019, 03:46:49 pm »

you like Fragile Chad?
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