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Author Topic: Boys the winds of change  (Read 11639 times)

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Re: Boys the winds of change
« Reply #200 on: October 16, 2019, 08:28:06 pm »

Gus is considering this a homecoming of sorts for him.  A victory lap if you will.  First time back in town in a while.  I’m already sick of all this 50 burger talk. 

He played us like a fiddle and then talked up Morris.  I guess he deserves a victory lap around the stadium.  I wish we still had the helmet they used to drive around.  Would love to see that thing chase him around the field and that be his victory lap
Considering how the whole Gus thing went down, I think HY could round up a posse of disgruntled fans, dress them in razorback uniforms and send them out to beat auburn.

Let Morris and the team go get some jelly sandwiches and watch the game.


Re: Boys the winds of change
« Reply #201 on: October 16, 2019, 10:16:17 pm »

Let's not forget that Odell led a "support Chad rally" at Lot 46 tonight, and the only person who showed up was Odell

He sent me a pic of you showing up with your cheerleader friends


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Re: Boys the winds of change
« Reply #202 on: October 18, 2019, 04:21:07 pm »

The fact is that any coach who comes here, including CM, is going to have to be given at least 5 years before deciding to get rid of him - you simply can't expect a coach to turn this mess around in 2 years and you really don't know what that coach is capable of for another 3 years after that - No one wants to hear that but if you continue to fire coaches before their contract ends because of their record you're only going to have a bunch of multi-million buy-outs and another coach who can't things done - I'm not saying CM is the answer - he may not be and I have no reason to think that he is - but you've got to stay with someone long enough to intelligently evaluate his performance - 2 years is not long enough - I'm not a CM lover and I sure wish that we had been able to get a big hire when we fired BB - but there's conversation within the coaching community and most big time coaches want nothing to do with what goes on here - would I love to see Urban Myer or Leach here?  Sure (although I realize that the powers that be would have neither of them) - and, maybe they'd come - I don't know - all I know is that since Houston Nutt we have had a real problem with putting a good product on the field except for the BP short-lived era, but to me that was an aberration in the sense that he wanted to get away from pro-football (maybe just the Flacons) - but he was toxic and it came back to bite us in the butt - IMHO, in what we should do now is just sit back, lick our wounds, realize that we're going to get beat by what we consider to be inferior programs and hopefully wait for the success which should come down the road - if it doesn't get better within the next 3 years, then fire him and try to find someone else - at least by then the coaches out there who might consider us will realize that we will give them a fair opportunity

I'm just as butthurt as anyone else - I hate this for the school that I went to for 7 years and team that I have been sitting in the stands since the 1950's (and was a Broyles/Matthews contributor for several years during that time) - but you have to be logical about what to do at this point - and, I don't think there's much logical thinking going on here

I could not say it any better.  I attended my first Razorback game in 1960.  I was in Razorback Stadium on December 6, 1969 as a freshman at Arkansas.  It is really hard to watch this.  However, Chad Morris deserves a chance.  If he can't get it done during his 5 year contract, then we will make a change and start over.  It's very painful to watch. 
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