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Sam Irwin Hill


Just saw on the ESPN ticker he signed with Falcons but can't play Sunday because of a visa issue.  A quick google says he was to be signed to be put on practice squad, but that doesn't jive with not being able to play Sunday.  So appears intent was to put him on practice squad and maybe he got bumped up till the visa issue.


SIH 10/9/2019:
I must say signing with the Falcons is a damn good birthday present! 🎂 🎁 Excited to get this show on the road! #AtlantaFalcons

The Falcons make it official by announcing they’ve signed Kasey Redfern to the practice squad and have released Sam Irwin-Hill. The expectation is that Redfern will be promoted to the 53-man roster by Sunday due to Matt Wile’s right quad injury.

Falcons signing punter/kickoff specialist Kasey Redfern, per source. He is being signed to practice squad today but will be added to active roster Saturday for Sunday’s game against Arizona.

Looks like Kasey Redfern will replace Sam Irwin-Hill for Sunday's game against Arizona.


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