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Author Topic: Dodgers---Tommie Smith nailed it!  (Read 80 times)

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Dodgers---Tommie Smith nailed it!
« on: October 10, 2019, 02:45:42 pm »

I caught a bit of that show the other morning.
He said he was a Dodgers fan.
Then he said (paraphrasing) "I already know what's going to happen. They're going to bring Kershaw out of the bullpen, he's going to give up a home run, and that'll be the end of it"


My goodness...is Kershaw the least clutch pitcher of all time? His playoff performance is HORRIBLE.
Is he gagging? Choking?
He's been doing this for years and years. Incredible regular season, mediocre to terrible postseason.

There is no way I would have brought him in last night. Past performance is the best predictor of future performance.

He is a liability in the postseason.

You don't trade him. He wins a lot of games, still.
But you let him be a starter in the playoffs, but keep an eye on him.
Definitely never use him in a pressure-packed situation. He obviously can't handle the moment.
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