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So are the Jets going to call Kaep?


I mean what do they have to lose? they are awful and i think Bell is next up to take snaps.

reasons to sign Kaep: he's available.
reasons not to sign Kaep : His last 3 yrs as a starter he was 11-24
                                       He has not played a down since 2016
                                        would be a major distraction on a team that needs no distractions
                                       the Jets (or any other team needing a QB) can get a younger more talented QB and save big bucks.

Reasons to sign Kaepernick: He gives you one of the strongest arms in the NFL and a true dual threat QB.
His 11-24 record is about as good as you'll find on the market.
He has proven that with a good coach instructing him, he can take a team to the super bowl. He's basically a mirror qb. You get out of him what you put in.
Jets haven't had any success at QB since they lost their last distraction QB in Broadway Joe.
You can a super bowl appearing qb for as cheap as anybody else on the market

Reasons not to: You doubt your coaching ability and your ability to get the best out of Colin.
You are the type who prefers to play a prevent defense once you are up 7 rather than go for the kill, and thus would rather have a play-it-safe qb than somebody capable of carrying the team on his back.
You want to find somebody for a cheap long term deal that only wants to be a backup QB and you are afraid that if you sign Colin, he'll use your program as a stepping stone and audition for a better team.


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