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2019 G1


In the A Block, Kazuchika Okada leads with 10 points after whooping KENTA (fka Hideo Itami) who moves to second with 8 points.

Former Cruiserweight tournament semi-finalist Kota Ibushi has 6 points after putting a beat down on Lance Archer.

British wrestlers Will Ospreay (4) and Zach Sabre, Jr. (2) are also on the board.

In B Block, Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose) is out front with 10 points after defeating Naito (4). Other notables include Juice Robinson (fka CJ Parker) who has 6 and is doing some of his best work outside the NXT program since leaving. Jeff Cobb (fka Matanza Cueto on LU) has 4 points as does Switchblade Jay White.

Winner of the round robin in B Block will face the A Block winner for the G! Tournament championship and a future match against the promotionís champ.

US replays of this event are on Mark Cubanís AXS TV channel.


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