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Author Topic: Hogs at Media Days this week, Searcy gets outstanding addition to team  (Read 1071 times)

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Rock City Razorback

Kid looks like a stud! Hope he doesn't hold us against us that Bozo didn't take his cousin.

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Well, you can't fault the staff.  The only one still there is Lunney.  Let Smith or Stepp recruit this kid depending on whether we view him as a S or WR.  Those guys are closers and would have no problem developing their own relationship.  They can say whatever they want about his cousin's situation.  Talent-wise, he would've been a good take for us.  He had some off field issues at Mizzou which weren't really deal-breakers.  He was a good back though getting 2,000+ yds in his 3 seasons.  He would've been nice to have the last couple seasons, for sure.


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I'm not worried about what the previous coaching staff did or didn't do concerning Damarea Crockett. I'm only worried about what the current staff does in their recruiting of Marlon Crockett, and whether or not he deserves a scholarship offer. If his on-field statistical output improves in 2019, and he shows well at the football camps he will probably attended before his senior season in 2020, I would think he will get an offer from Morris & Co. The odds seems to be pretty good.
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