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Interesting experience with the Boston Celtics last night

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Albert Swinestein:

I am in Milwaukee staying at the same hotel as the Celtics.  In fact, my room is on the same wing and is surrounded by Celtics players’ rooms.

The pot odor was pervasive throughout the entire wing and enough to infiltrate my room.  They clearly are a team that likes their marijuana.

They must also be a trusting bunch as their warmups and items were hanging on the outside of their room door handles and in bags sitting on the floor outside of several of the rooms.

I do not know if NBA teams normally have curfews the night before a playoff game but the Celtics apparently did not last night. 

Apparently, it works for them but the Celtics may be very sleepy when they play the Bucks tonight, but they should be awfully mellow and relaxed as well.   


Ask Kyrie if the earth is flat.

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