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Author Topic: Tyreek Hill audio  (Read 373 times)

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Tyreek Hill audio
« on: April 26, 2019, 10:28:47 am »

Does anyone else read this and think it sounds like the woman, who knows she is recording the conversation...undoubtedly with the thought that she will later be able to turn it over to someone...is almost reading off a script, making sure that she mentions everything she might want to say?  It just doesn't sound like a real conversation to me, it sounds more like she is saying what she wants people to later hear.  Hill, who does not know he is being recorded, still denies what she is saying.  If the two or them were merely having a conversation, and neither thought they were being recorded, I don't think it would sound like this.

I think she goes into too much detail, making it obvious (to me) that she is more in the mode of making a public statement or holding a press conference than talking with her fiancée.  Just my opinion, but I think trained investigators will be able to listen to what she says, the way she says it, again into how much detail she goes, and know that she is "putting on a show" for the recording.  It's one of the things that trips people up with the police.

One day after Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe announced that he would decline to press charges against Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill and his fiancée over allegations of child abuse and neglect, a new audio recording has emerged that implicates both parents.

Ahead of the start of the 2019 NFL draft Thursday evening, KCTV5 obtained and aired snippets of an audio recording deemed to be the “insurance policy” of Hill’s fiancée, Crystal Espinal.  The audio recording details the alleged abuse of the pair’s 3-year-old son. In the recording, a woman confronts a male about an alleged instance of abuse. The male does not admit guilt in the recording. You can find USA TODAY’s transcript of the recording below:

“I didn’t do nothing,” the man says. “That’s sad. That’s sad, bro.”

“Then why does he say, ‘Daddy did it’? Why?” the woman responds.

“He says Daddy does a lot of things,” the man says.

“A 3-year-old is not going to lie about what happened to his arm.” the woman says.

The recording continues and the woman says: “He is terrified of you,” speaking of their son. “And you say that he respects you, but it’s not respect.”

“He respects me,” he claims.

“He is terrified of you,” she responds.

“You need to be terrified of me, too, (expletive),” he tells her. “That’s why you can’t keep a (expletive) man.”

Following the threat, the woman alleges an instance of abuse:  “You make him open up his arms and you punch him in the chest. And then if he gets in trouble, you get the belt out.”

The male claims that the woman’s mother says that she also uses a belt to discipline the child, which is met with vehement denial from the woman.

“I rode for you against that detective and CPS (Child Protective Services),” the woman says.


The audio didn't just "emerge", she gave it to someone knowing it would be made public. 

I'm not claiming to know what really happened in the house and with the child.  All I know is that when I read this I get the feeling that the whole conversation was staged by the woman, who knew what she wanted to say and get on audio so she could later publicize it.  I don't know what the motive for that might be, possibly money.  He's a millionaire.


Re: Tyreek Hill audio
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2019, 10:46:02 am »

It seemed pretty scripted to me...

My question is.. if she was gonna ever put this out their.. why not tell it while she was getting questioned by the police from the get go...
all of it seems odd.

And btw hes is a POS regardless..

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Re: Tyreek Hill audio
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2019, 10:46:44 am »

It seemed pretty scripted to me...

My question is.. if she was gonna ever put this out their.. why not tell it while she was getting questioned by the police from the get go...
all of it seems odd.

And btw hes is a POS regardless..

he is definitely a POS that much is clear from that conversation.


Re: Tyreek Hill audio
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2019, 02:46:01 pm »

“You make him open up his arms and you punch him in the chest. And then if he gets in trouble, you get the belt out.”

This just doesn't seem like actual conversation to me.  It sounds like she wants to be sure to tell whoever is listening to the recording that Tyreek Hill makes the kid "open up his arms (so he can) punch him in the chest."

I know the part about "you better be terrified of me, too, b****.  That's why you can't keep a ****** man" sounds bad, but she has just accused him of beating their child over and over as he denies it.  If every word of every argument every one of us has ever had with his wife was recorded and publicly played we might look bad at times, too.

My ex-wife, in threatening me over how she was going to get her way financially in our divorce as well as lie to her parents about what was really going on, told me, "I am going to tell people you tried to hurt me."  Of course it was an absolute lie.  I laughed in her face and told her to go for it, that no one would believe her.  I also said, "I'm 6'5" and 250.  If I wanted to hurt you there wouldn't be any 'trying' to it."  If someone had listened to that there might have been claims of "he threatened her!"


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Re: Tyreek Hill audio
« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2019, 08:31:21 pm »

Sounds more like a lot of people in denial about how crappy the world can be to me.

For example, let's say this argument was about cleanliness rather than physically abusing a child. If I say that you are being a slob and you deny it, you can bet I'm going to go into detail explaining how you've been a slob.

So yeah, if the guy is denying that he's physically abusive to his son, it isn't unnatural at all for her to explain that he opens up the kids arm and punches him in the chest.

And no, "you better be terrified of me too, ****" isn't something that you should ever hear in any couples private arguments. EVER. That is textbook abuse. For that matter, if somebody ever threatens to make false accusations against you, that is abuse too.

If she has been verbally/psychologically abusing him, then he has every bit the same responsibility to report that to the authorities as she would for him saying that she should be terrified of him. Yes, even big NFL players can be every bit the victim of abuse as anybody else. You aren't being masculine or manly by handling it yourself. You are either doing the same thing that women who are abused do when they stay with their abuser, you are encouraging that person to continue their abusive behaviors with the next person they are with, or you end up breaking the law yourself in retaliation.

Report that s*** and get yourself out of any abusive relationships you are in.


Re: Tyreek Hill audio
« Reply #5 on: May 01, 2019, 10:01:35 am »

Now reports coming out that Hill called 911 on his fiancee April 1st for being passed out while having the kid... smh
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