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The Idenity Theft of Mitch Mustain


Currently watching his documentary on Prime and I think I'm a little over halfway through it.  Pretty solid so far. I'd recommend it.  Seems like a decent, down to earth guy.  Brings back a lot of memories about how good that team was ...his freshman year. well as what a jackass Nutt was/is. What a wasted opportunity for that team.

Question however... Is Mitch still trying to play Arena football? 


Why was this moved?


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Why was this moved?

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One man's treasure is another man's trash?      :-\     

Bc itís a troll job you hack.


--- Quote from: kingofdequeen on April 26, 2019, 06:40:39 am ---Bc itís a troll job you hack.

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How so?

I'm trolling Houston Nutt?

You know I watched this with my Dad a couple months ago.  Man, he got mad.  What talent we had back then.  Amazing.  Mustain should have run from Nutt.  No doubt about it. 


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