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Does Beverly get under Durant's

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Skin again? I don't care how good Patrick's defense is they should have never been allowed to come back like that.


Its his NBA All-Star level skill.

With Boogie out, it'll probably be harder to get under the Warriors skin.  That said, Durant is a huge...softie.


Once Durant quit hanging out outside the 3 point line and started just catching the ball and shooting over Beverley...or anyone else guarding him...the strategy of irritating him became less effective.  I laughed last night when Charles Barkley said it was like Durant shooting over a chair.

I guess in an attempt to keep things under control the officials are calling nitpicking fouls, which have hurt Beverley, but they have also taken Steph Curry out of the last two games.  I think Steve Kerr made a big mistake in keeping Curry on the bench for almost all of the third quarter in game two after he got his fourth foul.  By the time he put him back in most of the 31 point lead was gone and the Clippers had all the momentum.


You may be right. Coaching plays a big role.

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