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Spring Game Attendance

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Do you see the pitifully poor Spring Game attendance as a clear indicator that  (a)  Razorback football fandom is simply not what it used to be; - - - OR - - - (b)  that Razorback fans are now so profoundly depressed and so entrenched in believing that Razorback football is now the permanent SEC doormat, "whipping boy" team, and that Arkansas football will likely never again rise to the level of respectability during their lifetime?


East Clintwood:



I have never understood the fascination with a spring football game's attendance or the game itself .  I just don't get it..sorry


Its a measure of fan interest.  There does not seem to be a lot of fan interest this season for obvious reasons

Pat Goss:

If not for the Razorbacks, NWA would be useless.


Big deal. I watched a little of Miss St spring game and there were maybe a couple hundred there.


I think if an win the hogs start winning again there would be a big difference, no doubt the program is at a all time low.

Rudy Baylor:

real smart playing the spring game exactly the same hours of the same day as the Final Four basketball pregame and first game

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