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Author Topic: If you post in this forum, PLEASE READ THIS  (Read 3030 times)

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If you post in this forum, PLEASE READ THIS
« on: March 11, 2019, 05:37:01 pm »

I often tell the other moderators and Admins that if they think Extra Innings is docile they need to visit this forum. Until yesterday I cannot remember ever having a problem in here. We want to grow this forum and bring more attention to Women's sports. Winning always helps to grow interest in a sport and the women's teams are certainly becoming more successful. However, growth sometimes means an influx of new posters who are not familiar with the way this forum operates. I'd ask everyone to read the overall forum rules located above under "Hogville Info".

I want to direct you to a couple of rules in particular:
1. There will be no abuse of players. This applies to our players and the other team's. The questioning of the sexuality of the MSU player yesterday was WAY out of line. After I warned everyone, I had only one person who challenged my resolve. I initially just cleared out the improper posts and intended for that to be it. After the one poster couldn't stop, I reported him to the Admins and asked sanctions. So you will understand I have moderated a while and this was the first report of a poster I have ever made. As a result of my report, the poster is suspended from the entire Hogville site for 14 days. I do not want that to occur again.

2. I am much more lenient about questioning coaches and commenting on them. However there will be no abuse of them either. Feel free to second guess them, question lineups, critique them, etc. but keep it clean. They are adults and get paid handsomely by the University so criticism is not out of bounds.

3. DO NOT abuse other posters. You can certainly disagree with another poster and let it be known, but there will be NO name calling or other form of abuse.

If you have a question or comment to me, feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to respond. We are going to have an informative and fun Women's Forum. We won't be MMQB or Jump Ball.

One last note. The other Moderator in here is LadybackBBFan. She is owed a debt of gratitude by everyone. Without her I doubt this forum would exists. Years ago Lanny removed this forum and she almost single handedly lobbied to get him to restore it. She is very low key in here, but she is the brains behind the operation.

Thanks to everyone for your continued cooperation.

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