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Rousey working herself into a shoot


Darth Hogus:
If you havenít been following the Rousey / Lynch social media feud itís been epic and I think Rousey has legit worked herself into a shoot.   She was throwing some potatoes last night on Raw last night. WM will be I interesting

Dr. Starcs:
Iíd like for them to have the match without Charlotte or maybe let Charlotte referee.

Darth Hogus:

--- Quote from: Dr. Starcs on March 05, 2019, 11:44:11 am ---Iíd like for them to have the match without Charlotte or maybe let Charlotte referee.

--- End quote ---

Agree. Not happy Charlotte got added. Not necessary

Dr. Starcs:
Iím still hoping theyíll change it. Give the fans what they want, but they havenít had a good history with that.

I would like to see Becky-Ronda, but it is going to be a 3 way dance.   One reason they are set on this is in case one of the three is injured between now and 'Mania, then it would still have two in it and not have to change like they did in Survivor Series.   It is also a way to get the belt off of Ronda without her losing.  It'll keep her strong as well as set up her for a feud with whoever wins.  Ronda is not listed on post-Mania shows, so it looks like she is going to be taking off for at least a little while.  Hopefully the build up does not peak before the match.  Should be one of the best matches at Wrestlemania.

Chad In Real Life:
I think itís less about one of them actually getting hurt and more a case of getting the belt of Ronda without her taking the pin

Dr. Starcs:
Rumors are Rousey is leaving after mania anyway.

The fans want Becky vs Ronda. One on one. If sheís leaving, I donít see why they wouldnít let us have that.

Of course, she could always just be leaving temporarily and they donít want her to be pinned.

This fast lane ppv appears to be one of the most predictable in a while. Hopefully weíll get a few surprises.

Could be Rousey - Lynch at Money in the Bank?

Chad In Real Life:

--- Quote from: jbcarol on March 09, 2019, 10:30:39 am ---Could be Rousey - Lynch at Money in the Bank?

--- End quote ---

I think thatís what everyone wants. Rousey / Lynch one on one. If itís not going to be at mania Iíd be down for MITB. That is if Ronda is still around


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