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Same things were said about Nolan


I remember back in the day very well, the majority of fans were ready to run Nolan out of town his first years as Razorback coach, his system don't work, team looks like they never been taught a basketball play, he is being schooled by opposing coaches, but then the A.D was having the same thoughts. We all know Nolan went on to be the greastest BB coach in Razorback history, of course his downfall was a dissapointment which has been debated all to often an has split opinions.  The bottom line, Mike has not reached a ceiling, simple put it's  more fan panic an negativity. Any fan who has watched enough BB can see with a couple additions next year this team has no ceiling.

Not sure if serious..........

007 License To Squeal:
Apples and oranges, imo.


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