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Flaccid.  Our basketball program is 100% flaccid with no hope of rising anytime soon.

Porked Tongue:
I think you mean flatulence


--- Quote from: SnoutSays on February 12, 2019, 10:25:43 pm ---I think you mean flatulence

--- End quote ---

Turbulence is the word you're looking for

Porked Tongue:

--- Quote from: WillsWorld on February 12, 2019, 10:45:29 pm ---Turbulence is the word you're looking for

--- End quote ---
Naw.  That plane has crashed already.

I thought he was talking about flaxseed. Thanks for clarifying.

Boardon Hamsay:
I canít believe Iím saying this but itís really gonna take a new dude coming to end the flaccidity and drive a strong re-erection around our ball program.

The basketball program is limp and not even a bottle od blue pills will erect it anytime soon

My favorite Opera singer - Flaccid Domingo

Lots of fluffers around here (Kevin) attempting to get some rigidity back, but soft is soft.

I really wish CMA could succeed here, but its officially over for me! I am tired of watching Razorback teams that don't play  at least fundamentally sound ball. I am also tired of watching us get out coached every game. We refuse to do anything different when it is obvious what we are doing simply is not working. One of the more lackluster performances of the year against a really really bad team! We came out flat and played that way the entire game! I think we have talent, just need a go to guy at the end of games. I hope when we get a new coach I never hear fastest 40 again! It's time to move on, 8 years and we are still struggling to just be relevant, which BTW we are NOT!

Silent Flaccidity- wasnít that a big Queensryche hit?


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