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what if the teams could've traded coaches


hamARchy in the USA:
How do you think the game would've gone ?

The better question is if they could trade gyms

For any real effect we'd need to change coaches in July. Had that happened Arkansas would likely be the top 20 team. Too much talent on the court being absolutely squandered.

No where but Arkansas would anyone think the MA is a better coach than CB...

We would've won that as well as a conference title.

I think we were the more talented team actually. They had much better free throw shooters but all around we lost today with a more talented and deeper team. 

I thought Mike was a bad recruiter?

Captain Morgan:
Beard looks like a good one. :D


--- Quote from: Captain Morgan on January 26, 2019, 08:15:26 pm ---Beard looks like a good one. :D

--- End quote ---
he literally sat the whole game, but his defense is really good


--- Quote from: BannerMountainMan on January 26, 2019, 08:12:50 pm ---I thought Mike was a bad recruiter?

--- End quote ---

Depends on what year we are talking about.  He seemingly recruits well when he feels like it.   Now developing hat talent...

It went from Anderson is a bad recruiter and this team has bad roster mismanagement to Arkansas is wasting a lot of talent 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 y’all guys literally change the narrative every dang day

Solid game plan, missed FTs, and the youngest team in the country played the best defensive team in the country to the wire on their home court...yeah our coach is terrible.  Only on HV.

The narrative has many forked tounges.These guys have talent but are very young , not Kentucky talent, Mike has a certain style, which looks good when he wins an not so good when he don't.  This team will be fine in the future, many can't see that , but there are plenty of coaches besides Mike, if they make a change then time will tell, but some can't admit to any positives that are displayed.


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