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Let's send at least 500 Veterans to the Tulsa game


Many of you may know "Sharp" Anderson (SharpTusk) on here.

He's driving an effort to try to send at least 500 Veterans (or more) to the Tulsa game, from tickets being donated to a Veteran by people who won't use their tickets for the Tulsa game.

This is strictly people who want to donate their ticket directly to a Veteran. Sharp is not taking donations and he is not handling the tickets, it's directly between the ticket holder and the Veteran - so no risk of a scam here.

The way it works is:
1.  The ticket donor sends an email to "Sharp" Anderson, or contacts over Facebook/Twitter (contact info below), that they have tickets they would like to donate to a Veteran

2.  Sharp then emails the ticket donor the name, email, & mailing address of a Veteran who's contacted Sharp, that they would like to go to the Tulsa game.  (based on first come, first served of Vets who have contacted Sharp)

3.  The ticket donor then directly contacts the Veteran, to get the Veteran the ticket(s).

Sharp is trying to set a limit to: 2 donated tickets per Veteran, to send as many different Vets as possible... so if a ticket donor has 4 tickets willing to donate, Sharp will send the donor the contact info of 2 Veterans (2 tickets per Veteran).

Sharp has a list of Veterans & Active Duty personnel who very interested, and has had may ticket donors already respond.  He's been on 103.7 The Buzz and other radio shows, trying to promote this effort.

Contact info for Sharp Anderson:
Email:  (preferred method of contact)
Facebook page:  Arkansas Proud --
Twitter:   @SharpTusk

Again... no money donations, no GoFundMe, and Sharp is not handling the tickets... he's connecting Veterans/Active Duty with people who are willing to donate their Tulsa tickets, and they communicate directly.

Please contact him if you or someone you know is willing to donate their tickets to a Veteran/Active Duty.

Likewise, if you are a Veteran/Active Duty personnel and would like to go to the Tulsa game... please contact Sharp to have your name added to the list.

Woo Pig Sooie

nice idea, wish I had tickets to donate



Great idea. 

This will be greatly appreciated by any and all Vets who are able to attend.


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