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2018 ATA Workshop

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Wayne Watson:

The workshop is set. Go to for all the details.

I do want thank a few guys for donating items towards our educational program.

Thanks to Blake Sasse, Nongame Mammal/Furbearer Program Leader with the AGFC, for the 60 page booklets each student will receive.

John Chagnon, owner of PCS Outdoors, for the following.

33 PcsOutdoors Water Trapping DVD's
32 PcsOutdoors Canine Trapping DVD's

Lenon Lures

65 assorted one oz. Lenon Lures
65 Herb Lenon Classic Dvd's

Billy Dorris, owner of Ouachita River Trading Post, for donating 65 one oz. lures as he did last year.

Come have great time while learning to trap.

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