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Is anyone feeding the Baltimore Orioles this time of year?

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I've always heard you can put out oranges and grape jelly and they'll show up on their way back up north.  I'll be darned it's true!  They are pretty and skittish little birds.


Yep they love that stuff.  I got to put out some more.


Nice! My wife has been telling me about pictures of them on the Arkansas Wildlife FB page but we've not seen any around here. I saw a Quail under our feeder Saturday. It's been years since I've seen any of those. Lot's of Grosbeaks and a couple Indigo Buntings for color.


I had two Orioles raiding the Hummingbird feeder heavily so I bought an Oriole feeder and put it out ... juice and oranges ... they won't touch it ... they keep raiding the hummer stand ...

On the plus side, I have a really cool $50 ant feeding station now ...


You mean these?

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