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Author Topic: CK era needs to start under a new coaching staff  (Read 121 times)

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CK era needs to start under a new coaching staff
« on: October 07, 2017, 07:06:23 pm »

I feel like Cole is a great opportunity for a fresh start under a new coaching staff. CBB has had ample time and this season is not a good look for the man. He has recruited excellent student athletes and I feel that there is talent all over this team, except for the Offensive line. This was one of his strengths at Wiscy, and I understand how we got to this point sort of. However, I see nothing that gives me any hope of it getting better. If we are going to reset and start over, I think starting with a brand new QB under center is the proper place to do this.

I know the buyout is big, but in my opinion there are worse guys to pay a large buyout to than CBB. He is a good man and he had good intentions. He has represented the University well and he has my respect. He changed the culture as far as academics are concerned and he brought in high quality young men that I am proud of. Replacing him can be done respectfully and without dragging either the UofA or CBB through a mud hole.

Wins have to matter at some point. I think this was a fair year to start expecting them. It seems the team has sort of quit on him. They seem to have checked out and are just going through the motions. Once that happens, no amount of coaching brings them back. When you have down years, the only road to recovery starts with not losing your players. I blamed the players for the Mizzou and VT collapses, and still feel that was on the players. But this season, losing the locker room, is on the coach. I have a lot of respect for CPR, CBB and CDE but you cant lose the team. It is the unforgivable and every game we play from this point forward will be equally unforgiving.

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