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Veteran's Day vs Memorial Day


Pork Twain:
Am I the only one that gets annoyed when people do not know the difference?

I finally realized why people continually getting Veteran's day and Memorial day mixed up bothers me. Anyone that served, even Billy Bob who served 2 years and those in the National Guard and often never leave the state they live in, get Veteran's day.

We ALL get Veteran's Day. Those that went the extra mile and ended up freely giving their life in the ultimate sacrifice WHILE serving their country, deserve their own day and I think that recognizing Billy Bob, that got out and is selling used cars, or died on a car wreck years after getting out, is doing a disservice to those that never came home. This will continue to bother me every year, until I die of old age and at that pont, that day will still not be about me.

Probably partly from being around too many people that acted like the rest of the US owed them something because they chose to serve.


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