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Author Topic: Clemente asked for $23,000 for 1960 season, here's how the Pirates GM replied  (Read 1967 times)

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Darren Rovell ‏@darrenrovell 9h9 hours ago

MUST READ: Roberto Clemente asked for $23,000 for the 1960 season, here's what the Pirates GM responded with



In 1959 Clemente batted .296 with 4 homers and 50 RBI.  He only had 17 doubles, the lowest total of his career, and scored only 60 runs.  His on-base percentage of .322 was pedestrian at best.

He only had two stolen bases and was caught stealing three times.

He committed 13 errors and had a .948 fielding percentage, which isn't exactly sparkling for an outfielder.  The Pirates' GM appears to be right about Roberto's previous season.

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Baseball salaries have come a long way since then.

The $20,000 offered for 1960 is equivalent to $161,000 in today's currency.
$23,000 is equivalent to $185,000.

Todays minimum salary for MLB is $507,500, the equivalent of $63,033 in 1960.




I love this.

Of course, if Clemente had just come off a great year, but there was a question about his ability in the upcoming year, the GM would say "we can't pay on last year--we already did that.  We are offering on the projection for your upcoming season.  And it's a fair offer."

Never have I heard a GM say the offer extended wasn't fair.  Never have I heard a player say he was making an outrageous demand.

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