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Author Topic: Best WWII strategy game in a minute- Hearts of Iron IV  (Read 1130 times)

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Best WWII strategy game in a minute- Hearts of Iron IV
« on: June 10, 2016, 08:24:07 pm »

Having some fun with this one. It's grand strategy so be prepared to watch a couple vids and have a few confused moments but definitely intuitive and learnable; and , boy is it crazy fun. You can be anybody. I played a game as Bulgaria, hired a facist propaganda minister, flipped the country to Legionarious Bulgaria and joined the axis, fought in the spanish civil war and helped them go axis, and almost had the usa facist but couldn't propagate them past 38%. It did keep them out of the war until 1944 (thank god japan didnt trigger Pearl Harbor). That allowed Italy to almost cover africa, BULGARIA joined Hungary and took Albania, yugaslavia, and greece (where lots of resources boosted me up to another level). But Germany collapsed under a danish, french, english, dutch beachhead in denmark and when Uncle sam join ed the southern axis couldn't hold up.

That was my second playthru. My third I'm in 1943 with Japan.

Check it out , history and strategy buffs. 39.99 on Steam. (pc game)

Here's a lil youtube vid of the game in action. This guy's voice is so damn soothing. He'd be great on radio.
If you watch that and don't want to play, i dont know what to tell you lol.
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