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Rick Steinerís youngest son wins Georgia state title in 220 lb class


USA TODAY Sports ‏@USATODAYsports 32m32 minutes ago

Son of former pro wrestling star Rick Steiner wins Georgia state title:

--- Quote ---Rick and Scott Rechsteiner wrestled for the University of Michigan and then as the Steiner Brothers...

Rick Steinerís youngest son, Bronson, is the latest to uphold the family tradition.

Bronson Rechsteiner won the Georgia Class AAAAAA state championship in the 220-pound weight class over the weekend in Duluth, Ga.

Bronson will leave wrestling behind after high school as he recently signed to play college football at Kennesaw State.

In his life after wrestling, Rick Steiner has become a real estate agent in the Atlanta area and also has served multiple terms on the school board of the Cherokee County School District.
--- End quote ---

Both Steiners were outstanding amateur wrestlers   Like father like son    Congrats to the whole family

The Steiner brothers always looked like two dudes that could really hurt you.  With the age of shoot interviews, that look has been confirmed.  Two bad dudes. Ricks son looks like he could have some potential too if he wants to do some pro wrestling.

Good looking Kid.


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