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Paperwork Dropped


Pork Twain:
And it feels SO good!  21 years done...

The Chief:
Congratulations.  I'm envious that I have 7 more years to go.

Großer Kriegschwein:
Welcome to the "FIGMO" club. Feels good when you get them orders.

Flying Razorback:
I'm jealous of all above.

I'm just getting to 10 years...  I think the hill may be too high for me to climb, unfortunately.

congratulations I just hit 10........ and the proverbial wall......hard.

Großer Kriegschwein:
My tolerance for BS has hit an "all time" low. They keep piling shite on me though. My filter doesn't allow me to accept it without telling people what I think of it.

Doesn't help that my "boss" is a toolbag with 13 years in the Army. I have more time overseas than he does in the Army.

Congrats PT, I sign out on terminal leave 4 Sep, after 24 yrs..It does feel good....

Pork Twain:
My terminal starts on 13 Oct and my new job starts on 20 Oct.  Nice to double dip for a couple of months.

pigture perfect:
Thanks guys.

Just now hitting 8. 12 more to go....

Congrats and thank you!

Dropping 1 Mar 16 for a 1 Mar 17 retirement. Will put me at 24 years. Ready...

Way to go, hats off to you and a sharp salute!


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