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Any Razorbacks in Ruston, LA???


Looking for Razorbacks in Ruston!

Scotty Thurman's family

Missed me by two years. I lived in Ruston from 2008-2012.

There aren't really a lot of Hog fans there. My inlaws are both Razorback fans but we were always few and far between when I was there. Its a college town, albeit in Louisiana, so a lot of Tech fans who also love LSU, lots of Tech fans that absolutely despise LSU, and a lot of people that don't care either way.

I was there from 2003-2006.  There weren't a whole lot of hog fans then.  I spent many fall Saturdays in the apartment alone or with the roommates (all LSU fans) watching the razorbacks.

What I wouldn't give for a Dawsey burger on jalapeno cheese bread from Dawghouse right now.


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