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Im looking into an angler kayak , does anyone on here have a kayak they fish out of regularly ? if so what brand/model ? im 5'9 215 LBS , i need something that is stable with a decent amount of storage...any suggestions ?

cobra kai:

I have been kayak fishing for almost 15 years and I recently got a new Jackson Coosa.  It is simply the best fishing kayak I have ever paddled, and I've never had so much fun on the water before.  It is very stable, and as a result I am able to easily stand and fish. It also has the most comfortable kayak seat I've ever sat in.  Check out this promo video that explains all of the features:

That video was made a couple years ago, and the 2013 models have a few new features.  See this video to see the latest improvements: 
The coolest new improvements on the latest models are the pre-installed RAM mounts all over the boat that allow you to instantly install rod holders, gopro cameras, etc without having to drill into the boat. 

Of course, it depends on what kind of fishing you do.  The Coosa is designed for rivers, so if you need something a little longer for flat water I would go with the equally impressive Jackson Cuda 12 or 14, or the Big Tuna.  But then again I have also paddled the Coosa off shore and it performed great.

All of Jackson's fishing models were designed by pro kayak anglers, and this becomes obvious once you try one out. They are the most well thought out designs I've seen on the market and my Coosa just makes my fishing trips that much more enjoyable.


Another vote for the Jackson Coosa.  I have one and love it.  If you are in NWA go to Ozark Mountain Trading Company in Garfield.  They have them all to sit in and try out.  They also have free lifetime hull repair. 


They are fun!


What you should get depends on how you will use it.  Here's a plain vanilla explanation -

I'm first, but not always, a fly fisherman.  90% of my usage is on running water, rivers and creeks, where I use the kayak as a taxi to spots where I will wade and fish.  For me, a sit on top was a far better choice than a sit inside model.  It's easier to get on and off than it is to get in and out.  Also, I generally don't try to fish and manage the yak in running water.  On lakes, I will fish from the yak.  Also, I don't try to stand in mine.

For me, the Ocean Kayak Trident at 11' was a perfect choice.  It's light - easy to get in the bed of my truck or up on a car top.  It's plenty maneuverable, has lots of storage, and can be easily mounted with an anchor, gps, fish locator, or whatever other toys I decide to use.

Here's mine -

There is no one right way.  Look around and find one that matches your fishing style and personal preferences.


Just started fishing out of one this year... its a blast... I figured I would like it but wanted to stay on the cheaper side just in case... Bought a Pelican Icon from Academy... It served its purpose this year and got me hooked... OMTC (Ozark mountain trading company) in Ozark, MO and Garfield, AR just revealed the new 2014 Jackson Coosa yesterday on their Facebook page.... When I sell my boat, my wife and i will own a pair.... like mentioned above, get what fits your needs... BTW: there are numerous Facebook groups here in Arkansas to where you can stay in touch with like minded folks and participate in kayak fishing tournaments... "Western Arkansas kayak anglers, central Arkansas kayak Anglers"


I use a Heritage angler 9.5 sit in for taking wildlife pictures.  I have a camera and big lens in there and all my clothes and stuff,  i never get wet and i can go anywhere.  Ive been using it 4 years and even put my heater buddy in there in the winter.  It has all the rod holders but i only use it for pictures.  It would be an awesome duck hunting boat.  If you fish where there are alot of stumps i would worry about those big scupper holes on the bottom of that Jackson kayak.  It would suck to get a stump stuck in one of them in the middle of winter on Lake Conway.  You gotta get out to get the kayak loose.  I filled mine in on my kayaks after it happened to me.


I'm really liking the wilderness systems 120 commander , my buddy has one and I got to take it out recently , and I really like it !


We got two recently , a perception scout ( 12 foot ) and a wilderness systems tarpon 100 , the tarpon was a deal (650 ) and I won a $300 academy gift card and used that for the Scout , I'm happy with the scout but , haven't taken the Tarpon on the water yet , maybe this weekend!


I also have the Jackson Coosa and love it!  If you are in NWA it's worth the drive out to Ozark Mountain Trading Company. Those guys are are very knowledgeable and have a great selection. They also have free lifetime hull repair if you ever need it.


--- Quote from: bamahogfan on March 26, 2014, 06:46:18 pm ---I also have the Jackson Coosa and love it!  If you are in NWA it's worth the drive out to Ozark Mountain Trading Company. Those guys are are very knowledgeable and have a great selection. They also have free lifetime hull repair if you ever need it.

--- End quote ---

These guys just opened a store in Cotter and came to the big fly fishing show in Mountain Home with a few of their kayaks.  Bruce and Larry are great merchants.  I love my sit on top Trident, but that Jackson Kilroy is one fine rig.  I understand they do trade ins.


What's the best/busiest kayak fishing forum?


--- Quote from: Willyboy on April 02, 2014, 06:07:58 pm ---What's the best/busiest kayak fishing forum?

--- End quote ---

Probably the Texas kayak fishing forum.  Lots of info there.


love my WS Tarpon 100.  Use it on rivers (smallmouth or trout) and on small lakes quite a bit. 

For float trip flexibility, it is a great option on the Buffalo or Mulberry as well when fishing isn't part of the equation.

Have taken the Jackson boats out before and they are wonderful. So is the WS Ride. 

My next one (won't be getting rid of the Tarpon for anything) will be either a Jackson or the WS Ride 11.5. 

Good luck!


Here's the link Willy.




I apologize for a bump, just my two cents.
I've been kayak fishing since 1999. I've fished a lot in an Ocean Kayak Prowler (15'-6; 58 lbs.); Cobra Fish 'N Dive (12'-6; 63 lbs.); and since April, Hobie Mirage Sport (9'-6; 45 lbs.). The weights are dry with no gear. I mainly fish for trout and occasionally Bass, Rockfish and Ling Cod, and salmon in the ocean.
I carry mine on Yakima racks on a pick-up. The front bar rack has an insert bar that extends out and allows me to load the kayak onto the bar, then lift the other end onto the rear rack over the truck. Then I slide the kayak's front end across the bar to over the truck, too. Then I push the bar back into the sleeve.
Paddling definitely has its advantages in rough ocean water as I can steer into waves. I've never taken the Hobie into the ocean and I will only go when its flat, if I do.
Last week I was at Bridgeport and the wind was howling at a steady 15-20 mph with gusts to 40. I didn't go out, not because I couldn't but because it wouldn't have been fun. I would have been soaked, chilled, and fighting the wind. I've fished in similar conditions on Convict Lake in the Cobra with no problem. I just got wet and caught lots of fish. I' had strong gusts to 30 last Sunday at Sardine Lake (Sierra Co) and I didn't like the feel in the Hobie. I felt it was going to blow me over. I've never felt uncomfortable with that kind of wind in the OK or the Cobra.
Carrying weight is a big factor for me. I want to carry my kayak to the water. I'm getting older and besides hands-free fishing, that's why I bought the Hobie. I do like the Hobie, but a rod holder is inconvenient (I like watching my rod in front of me, not looking back over my shoulder. I do like holding the rod while trolling when there is lots of action but it gave me a sore wrist on Sunday. I had to hold the rod up horizontally across my chest. Other times when I'm catching one/45 min. I set the rod down and wedge it in the side pockets across my lap. I have the bigger turbo props and sail rudder. The kayak is much faster than the paddling ones, and it turns on a dime. Space for gear is a problem (mostly because I carry my dog in the tank well when I fish). For bass fishing there is no reverse and it's almost better to be paddling.
As far as considering the Hobie Pro Angler . . . you may as well buy a boat and trailer. That thing weighs close to 100 lbs. EMPTY and hauling in and out will get old real fast.
Finally, go demo them. California Canoe and kayak in Oakland (Jack London Sq.) and Monterey Bay kayaks are two places. Or borrow one. Norcal Kayak Anglers has an excellent website with tons of info. and help (and used kaysks for sale . . . most outfitted for fishing!)

There are no solved problems; there are only problems that are more or less solved.
All the best, Kayak Coach

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