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Author Topic: For those Nutt Huggers who will not let it go....  (Read 247 times)

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For those Nutt Huggers who will not let it go....
« on: September 21, 2008, 12:14:19 am »

     The coach of the Razorbacks is Bobby Petrino, not Houston Nutt. Let it go! Petrino is the coach who will take us to the next level, bar none!  Petrino is a coach who tells it like it is and takes balme where blame is due!
      I come to this board everyday to see breaking news about the Razorbacks, but yet I continue to see Ole Miss threads and threads about Nutt. Moderators, and average posters like myself are all included.STOP IT!!!!!
     He is not the coach here anymore, Petrino is! If you are an OLe Miss fan go to their boards, and piss and moan over there. They care some of us here don't!
     I see post after post of people bashing Petrino and there is no substance to it at all. He is doing better than anybody else could with the amount of talent he has to deal with. He has jack on the D side of the ball! He has an average, at best QB who is being coached for the first time in four years for his position. If you want to bash Petrino , go elsewhere!
     I see empty threats from MODS and other wannabe posters on here all the time, threatening to ban posters who talk about Nutt and Ole Miss, only to see nothing done. Well, that is the way it is.If the MODS want to make empty threats, let them. I am tired of all of the Ole Miss threads: Ole Miss game threads, Nutt threads, etc.. It is a joke. THIS IS A RAZORBACK BOARD! TREAT IT LIKE ONE!
     Want to bash players for their game performance? Go ahead! Deal with the consequences. Want to bash recruits? Deal with the consequences.
     If you are a Nutt lover, number one... GET A LIFE!!! Number two... go to their boatrds! Number three,...MODS this is for you... MAKE them go elsewhere!
     This is almost a joke, with some of the topics that are allowed on this board.
     When all is said and done, remember that THIS IS A RAZORBACK MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!
 If you want to talk about another team go and find their message board, I will almost guarantee you it is not as good as this one!
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