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Author Topic: Hogville's Buy, Sell and Trade rules - EVERYONE MUST READ!  (Read 9967 times)

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Hogville's Buy, Sell and Trade rules - EVERYONE MUST READ!
« on: August 14, 2008, 08:35:54 am »

I am not sure how this post got deleted, but here it is... again.  Folks, we're not playing with any of these rules, especially rule #1.


#1:  No Firearm (rifles, guns, BB guns, etc) Sales.  Due to the legal ramifications and the fact that Hogville is not licensed as a retailer/distributor, and the fact that fire arm sales are regulated by the government, we cannot allow sales of these items.  This includes anything relating to firearms (Ammo, supplies, accessories, etc.)  There are absolutely ZERO exceptions to this rule.

#2:  Bumping of a post is not allowed.  We have coding in place that prevents this, so save yourself a wasted post (it'll be removed).

#3:  You MUST post SOLD in the FRONT of your subject (edit your post) when you sell something.

#4:  Posts are subject to removal with or without prior notification by Hogville's Moderating team.

#5:  Threads started 30 days or more in the past are subject to removal.

#6:  Sales of copyrighted items is strictly forbidden.

#7:  Sales of any kind of file downloads (this covers music, software, DVD's, etc) are not allowed.

#8:  Do not create multiple posts to sell one item (this includes in other forums).  If you're offering a service, post it either in "Buy, Sell & Trade" -or- Networking... not both.

#9:  If running an auction style sale, state the starting bid and end of auction time.  If there's a minimum reserve price, state that there's a reserve price.  You don't have to tell us what it is... but keep it fair.

#10:  No links to eBay auctions.  Either you auction here, or you auction on eBay... not both.

#11:  If you're selling your item (services type postings are exempt from this) on multiple sites, state that.

#12:  Do not publicly challenge someone for what they're charging for their item (eg:  Why are you charging $350 for that X-Box?  I can get it for $275 somewhere else!!!").

#13:  Got pictures?  INCLUDE THEM!  You have absolutely no idea how much this will help you sell your item (especially if a vehicle, boat or house).

#14:  SPELL CHECK YOUR POST!  Use *REAL* English, not this "u" instead of "you" stuff.  You would be very surprised at how much of a difference that makes.  Also, if you want to SELL your stuff on here, you put the SALE on here.    Pay attention to how I used SELL vs. SALE.  There is a difference.  :)

#15:  Be descriptive.  Clearly state a price (unless auction style), as well.

#16:  Don't shaft/screw anyone over here... we will happily cooperate with any request for information (following our guidelines under the Privacy Policy (LOCATED HERE) that we provide.

#17:  No sales of adult items, alcohol or tobacco.

#18:  No MLM, Ponzi schemes.

#19:  All sales must be legal in the jurisdiction of both parties.

#20:  We reserve the right to request that higher priced items (house sales, new vehicle sales) be done via Hogville's Member Advertising.  This forum is more of a Hogvillian to Hogvillian Garage Sale, than a full blown corporate entity.

#21:  If you violate the rules here, you are subject to a warning, a post ban, a forum ban or outright account deletion.  As long as everyone follows the rules and plays nicely, this forum does pretty darned well without moderator intervention.

#22:  Moderators have the final say.

#23:  These rules are subject to change from time to time, with or without prior notification.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you stay current with the rules.

If you're selling tickets, those MUST go into the Tickets forum. Lot passes are not allowed to be sold, bartered, included or traded on Hogville.

If you really want your sale/service to stand out, consider purchasing advertising on Hogville.  You can get all of this information by visiting THIS LINK for details.  Hogville members are more apt to support a fellow Hogvillian this way (just ask our past advertisers!).  Advertising on Hogville really DOES work.
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Re: Hogville's Buy, Sell and Trade rules - EVERYONE MUST READ!
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2013, 02:47:20 pm »

Rules above slightly tweaked (removed the older item for Line 5, changed the wording on tickets/lot passes).

I am considering tweaking the guidelines to introduce a new rule centered around Craigslist links. Not going to ban them, but going to disallow just a run and gun type post.

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