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Author Topic: Spring Training is winding down  (Read 1327 times)

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Spring Training is winding down
« on: April 01, 2005, 10:36:37 pm »

A lot of happenings the last couple of days, and there is sure to be some more before rosters get set.

I was tickled at the Orioles "discipline" of Lopez and Ponson. Lopez got picked up for public drunkenness, or similar. Ponson had the awkward off-season moment where he verbally assaulted a judge at his home in Aruba. They were bumped in the rotation. That's it. When the "hurt" wears off they may realize that they will win a few more games going against somebody's else's #2 and #3 starter.

There is almost always one high-profile trade in late spring training. I'm betting Nick Green for Jorge Sosa is not it.

Jason Schmidt finished the spring with an ERA over 6. He's ready to go--his last two ST ERA's were 5+ and 10+.

Read somewhere that Ben Sheets might be the #1 SP in the NL this year. Yep, I can see that. The Brew Crew should consider taking his talent and dividing it up amongst the rest of the cast-offs from the Island of Misfit Toys that make up the rotation. Okay, so Davis is decent. Capuano? Obermuller? Santos? C'mon. That has to be the worst #3-5 starters in baseball. Prince Fielder is an uber-prospect at 1B, and they have Lyle Overbay in front of him. I'd trade one for a great SP prospect. But, that's me.

I'm on record saying that I think the Yankmes will start to show their age this year, and the fade will be quick and solid. They have no prospects to deal for help. There is little depth on the 25-man roster as it is. Bubba Crosby? Not Bobby, Bubba. OK, so I liked him 5 years ago.... The NL version may be playing in St. Louis. Word from OKC (where the Cards play the Orioles in exhibition action) is that Larry Walker plays like he's old. Yikes.

The Cubs could be very ordinary if those two certain pitchers can't hit 200 IP this year. The Giants without Bonds would be better than the Cubs without either Prior or Wood. My opinion...

Does anyone have favorite MLB  team websites? I like www.cardinalnation.com and www.newbergreport.com. The former isn't great but at least gets me some inside info on my Cardinals. I'm not a Rangers fan, per se, but Jamey Newberg is an old friend and his work is stunningly wonderful. Daily emails, minor league reports, everything. And, he's a lawyer and a great Dad. Folks, it can be done. Go check it out, and tell Jamey I sent ya'.
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