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Author Topic: Watching baseball  (Read 1656 times)

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Watching baseball
« on: March 08, 2005, 01:34:18 pm »

I'm home, day two, with the crud. $60 worth of meds (thank god for insurance...) later and I'm still hacking and wheezing, but getting better I think.

There are some benefits to being a classroom teacher. I have used only 1-2 sick days per year over my career. When my wife and I had child #2 last fall I was able to use 2 weeks of sick leave for "paternity leave" to be at home with wifey and kiddo. And, if I leave this school I can only transfer 50 sick days and I have accumulated a lot more. So, since I'm sick and have the days...

...I get to watch baseball! I can do little more than watch but its nice. Yesterday was the Cubs and Rangers and today its the Rangers and Giants. I love these early ST games because you get so many players who are 2-3 years away from the bigs. There's something cool about the guys jogging in the outfield, also.

I have to watch getting too much info this time of year. All the baseball and rotisserie sites are finally churning out info left and right. Every little ache and twinge is reported. Too much info, sometimes. Both MLB players who don't experience something will be overbid by me if I'm not careful!



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Re: Watching baseball
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2005, 08:39:45 pm »

I'm with ya on the crud. My 4th bout of Bronchitis this year  but I still report for duty. I've used 3 sick days in 9 years and only 2 of those were paid. Back when I was a part-timer with a completely incompetent "superior" at another job I worked 4 of the five days that I had a fever of 104 plus (registered high 106.5) because they had exactly one other operator at the time. The jackass came down to try and bully me because I told a certain overpaid blowhard beluga whale butt buddy of his get off my case in a not so kind way after having  fat finger and tongue waved at me. Besides flapping his bloated girth about he demanded to know why I was sweating and "stunk". Reason being is that I was so fever ridden that I passed out fueling up my car at a gas station en route and fell into the 55 gallon trash barrel beside the pump. A saleslady at another pump drove to get  fricking IVs and then on to work. By the way, dumbass had asked 2 hours earlier why I was half an hour late even though he saw 2 people helping me in the door. Vocal reply #2 worked despite the fact that I should have turned both of them into processed cat food. Ok rant done for now. Bad memory 7 years gone.
Re: Baseball viewing.  I can watch in person or tv or listen on radio literally 24-7. I never tire of it. When the World Series ends I eagerly await Fall League then the college openers,spring training,MLB,minor,independent and summer wood bat. From MLB down to T-ball.
Also a wish. Get Well Soon.
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