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Author Topic: People's in depth expectations for next season (not wins but style of play etc.)  (Read 3446 times)

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I know Pelphrey promised an up-tempo style of play, but the questions linger regarding ball-handling, shooting, and keeping our players from getting tuckered out.  What do people think is going to happen with this current (very talented) squad in trying to play that style?

I personally think (and hope) that Pelphrey will gradually bring his style in because he has to realize that this team isn't built to run and that trying to push a style on players that don't fit it will be tough for everyone involved.

We have great frontcourt depth but a lot of those players are out of shape.  If Pelphrey can bring them along and get them in shape then we can use them effectively to trap and pressure.  Also, their offensive skills will be very helpful on the offensive end of the court (naturally).  We will need them since our shooting isn't exactly bringing down the house.  I expect Hill and Thomas to get in shape but Darian Townes will either fall off dramatically or bounce back in a major way.

I think our wing players will do just fine in this system.  Weems is athletic enough to go for thunderous dunks and he has shown some range on his shot.  His long arms and quick feet will make him tough in the pressure game.  He seems to be a good fit for the system (if he can get his shot down more consistently he will be fabulous).  Michael Washington (though technically not a wingman but I included him here because of his athletic ability) I think will also succeed as a rebounder and as an athletic power forward.  If he ever develops a good offensive game I expect him to be a poor man's Amare Stoudemire at best.  Hopefully his athleticism will be an asset to the Hogs.

i think our backcourt is where we will struggle the most.  To run a fast paced system you need a good set of guards you can sub in and out.  Our starting guards have a lot of potential (Ervin, PBev) but we are thin at those positions.  To run a fast-break offense you need lots of ball handlers and frankly we are lacking in that area.  Ervin is the only ball-handler we have and he is quite turnover prone.  Beverley is great but his shot is sometimes inconsistent at the 3 point range.  Welsh is a great shooter but his other skills are a little bit suspect.  Our depth at the position is lacking and it will make it tough to run and press for so long.  To run a 3 guard system we would have to put all three fellows on the floor, which would really tire them out.  I think the backcourt will get their numbers but they will be a little turnover prone in my opinion.

All in all, I think if Pelphrey tries to apply his system but borrows a little from the Heath notebook, I think we will be fine.  We do not have the personnel to run and gun and press just yet, so we will have to wait a year or two.  I expect 22 wins and a first round tournament appearance in this scenario.

If Pelphrey tries to force the fast paced system on the players, I see the team getting tired towards the end of the season and taking a nosedive, probably ending up with 17-18 wins and an NIT berth after people get exhausted.  What do you guys think?


17-18 wins?  I think you are lowering your expectations.

Here's a quote from Michael Jordan "To do something big.  You have to expect something big of your self."

That doesn't mean that you should think to win about 25-26 games, but a little more than 17 or 18.

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coach, my back hurts

I wouldnt assume a coach would try to force a "style" of play onto some players that cant handle it.  I'm quite sure he knows how to run a half-court offense.  I would figure that if his players cant handle it he would go to half court traps and things like that.  He may not have the athletes or the depth to press the whole court, but just half of the court. 

My only concern about this team is its attitude.  Just how much "Stan Heath" rubbed off on them?  Are they going to be mentally tough to handle Pel and Evans?


why would players get tired by running this system? that doesn't jive. you have days to rest in between games, and it is easy to recover. what happens is that other teams will tire when we speed them up faster than they wanna go. you adjust to playing fast in pre-season practice so that other teams have to adjust to it in the game.

if you are thinking of depth being the problem, then i think you will be pleasantly surprised. when you play as up tempo as we (hopefully) will, then you don't necessarily have to have the greatest PG in the world. if you think about it, the faster you play, the less time the PG has the ball in his hands. Gary Ervin played his best games when we played fast. the reason he looked good in those games is because playing up-tempo requires less of a PG. you get to play off of instincts instead of having to be real cerebral about things.



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With the returning experience, 17-18 wins would be embarrassing.  I expect them to win around 22-24 next year, BEFORE the NCAA tourney and wind up a 5-7 seed...


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With the returning experience, 17-18 wins would be embarrassing.  I expect them to win around 22-24 next year, BEFORE the NCAA tourney and wind up a 5-7 seed...

That would be great. Go Hogs.


1. win the west
2. win the sec tourney
3. 2-4 seed


You're right, the point guard doesn't have to have the ball in his hands all the time.  But the PG won't always be the one pressing and running down the court.  Sometimes Welsh or Weems or Beverley will be running down the court in the middle lane.  sometimes Ervin will be on the left or right lane running down the court.  Also, the ability of the big men to throw the outlet pass is a little bit questionable, and I think that might prove to be a little bit of a problem for this squad.  I would reasonably expect 23-24 wins to be happy but realistically, froms seeing first year coaches struggle their first year.  Think Ben Howland in his first year (only 11 wins)


I hope they don't struggle, but I dunno how well Pelphrey will mesh his first year.  I don't know enough to make a decision eitehr way.


30 wins+

SECW Champs (14-2 SEC) only losing at Tenn and Kentucky.

SECT runners-up to Tenn.

Final 4

BTW those would have been my expectations w/o a coaching change.

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SEC Championship and 2nd round loss in the NCAA tournament. Anything less is a step backward. Anything more is a great start to what has been put in place.
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