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[1] Les Miles on Houston Radio

[2] Quote of the Year...

[3] Next step for the Crimson Tide...

[4] Mike Anderson's (Tigers) vs. The Stan Heath Era (Predictions???)

[5] Alabama offers Spurrier $5 million signing bonus and...

[6] if not 'bama, NC State?

[7] Les Miles

[8] Alabama Fans

[9] more alabama rumors

Gary Blair......Texas A#M

Coker to Arkansas?

It's a done deal. LSU to Rose Bowl & Notre Dame to Sugar Bowl

If Arkansas had JPW they would be in NC game

The Athletic Department Minister of Information just said it's Sugar or Cotton!

Has DTS said anything about Nutt to Talabama

Yet more posts about Nutt & Bama go HERE

All "Nutt to Bama?" rumors and speculation goes HERE

Why Malzahn goes

Mack Brown #1 on Bama's List

Spurrier to ALabama

Alabama Fires Shula

I Need Some Help..Please Help Me.

BCS merged topics here.

Nutt mentioned in Miami Herald as a candidate....

USC - Notre Dame

Where would you rather the Hogs play LSU

From an LSU board

DEAR LES MILES*******************

3 Upsets I'm Rooting For and Might Happen This Hour

Game Signs for AR/LSU ??

Thoughts on this quote from Les Miles...

Going for 2 in the first half!

LSU Separated At Birth

Offical LSU-Arkansas Score Prediction Thread

K. Herbstreit picks LSU over Arkansas

SEC Championship Ticket Discussions

Where are you Watching the LSU Game....

What do the fingers in front of the face mean?

All posts about Wally Hall go HERE

Clay's comments on a Gus transfer to NC State


Arkansas / LSU preview and prediction from

Football playoff

If two 11-1 teams meet in the SECCG it looks like the loser will be headed to

LSU week: Are they the worst fans in the SEC?

What do you think of SEC hoop so far?

The Beck Campbell rumors about Lee Ziemba are baloney

Hilarious LSU message board BASHING mcfadden

I'd rather forfeit to LSU and play Florida

The LSU "Rivalry"

My 1st post, a little LSU vs Ark history......

Brady Quinn.... not a nice person

you gotta be kidding me!!!!!!

Herbstreit: 1 loss SEC champion has no shot...

Who do we want to win: USC or Notre Dame?

To HDN from a (former) DARKSIDER

Miss A&M coach excuses for losing

BREAKING NEWS!!! Steve Spurrier to the Miami Hurricanes...

are u SIRIUS?

Look, folks, I ain't skeered, BUT....

Les Miles in his post game interviews called us

AP Poll

USC vs Cal

Ole Miss vs LSU

Rutgers going down!


Jamarcus Russel for Heisman !

Is Shula Out if the Tide Lose the Iron Bowl?

IF Southern California loses one more game...

Need Starkville advice...

scott carter on malzahn

West Virginia may be going down!

Otis on Ziemba last night

Without Leigh Tiffin, where would this season be?

Auburn linebacker believes Hogs will win out

Will McFadden win SEC Player of the year?

Would you rather have Win in Sugar Bowl or loss in NC game?

How should the BCS Be Fixed?

Why are so many people picking us to lose to LSU?

Check out what LSU's 'Tiger Droppings' is saying

Honestly, what was your prediction before the start of the season

Sylvester Croom on stopping the Arkansas Run Game.

Alabama vs Auburn Predictions?

Lastest on RB Joe McKnight

Will Bama come after Nutt when


Game Predictions: Arkansas @ Mississippi State

LSU fans on Arkansas vs MSU

The Hyatt in Atlanta??

4 Reasons why we should all be huge Michigan fans this weekend


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