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[1] Links to important bits of information in the help form (READ BEFORE POSTING!)

[2] Ads

[3] Are you being re-directed to another site when visiting

[4] Are you being re-directed to another site when visiting Hogville?

[5] New thread idea

[6] Ads causing issues again

[7] Spam on Hogville

[8] Embedding gifs

[9] Hogville maneuvering question

Off topic -sponsors hijacking your page


I dont know what happened

A request

App update?


thunderbird email problem

Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet?

Login issues

this page can't be displayed

Any way to put a border on a table?

Dash Cams

Instagram to here

Black Background??

posting pics

Site Issues

Malware removal on iPhone ***Reported to Admin****

Search function?

Reply warning

Anyone else getting constant popups from some

Anyone else having loading issues with HV?



Am I the only Hogviller with a completely different set up for reading & posting

this page can't be displayed

Can't log in

Disable Mobile View?

How do I post a YouTube video?


Change Username?

Change Username?

like button- not a gripe

Previous articles not currently on the Home page

OT, is there anyway to save attachmants

Name does not exist

Online Status


Cable Modem “Latency” Issues

connectivity and speed suffering

Oath: Yahoo Privacy Terms

Black boxes?

Politics Forum Down?

Is the Ignore feature available?

Desktop vs mobile version

Search Feature

Android screen dead


Mobile phone keeps reloading page and....

Smart Phone Upgrade

Statistics: Good and Bad

Posting a pic?

Need help from a moderator to change my name for obvious reasons

So I guess...

I know the HV filters change...

Is the search function down?

BBC "code" tags and php functions in signature

ATT UVerse

Editing Profile

When do you allow members......

Image in signature line or no?

Report to Moderator

Past Scores

Kadpersky Users?

What's up with the ads on here???

HOG Emoticon disappearance

keeps loading


Hogville members, need a little help here

Changes to including Tweets in a post?

Strange Message...

Attention to all limited data users

How do you ignore a forum member?

DirecTV vs Sling

Windows 10 Gallery Update

pop ups



Hibernate, sleep, or shut down: what's best for your PC

Old Friend with a bad memory

CD Rom drive malfunctioning....

Internet in the Boonies


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