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[1] Warren Stephens and Chris Beard

[2] Why would Mike Irwin suggest on live TV

[3] Time to

[4] Thus spoke the magic 8 ball

[5] Mike Anderson Mega Thread

[6] Hearing the cheer squad has been put on notice.

[7] Grady Bean Mega Mega Thread


[9] Chad Morris' leash might've gotten a little shorter

Spam Redirected

Chris Jans (only if we can't get a "big" name coach)

We've been snookered boys.........

Anyone seen this? Could it be true?




Mike Nail


Good Basketball

Do you enjoy coaching searches?


Fall Back

New Coach

If HY gets rejected by his first 10 choices

Done Deal?

Will there be any play on names? E.g. Stan Heath

Jimmy Dykes just tweeted.....

I'm Ok with Anderson being fired IF

If we cannot get a big name, I am all in on this dude....

The More I Look At Steve Forbes....

Matt McMahon, Murray State

Honor Eddie Sutton?

Another Chad Morris

Casey alexander

Matt Painter?


Justice Hill make it to football practice yet?

Nolan Richardson is a better man than all of his Hogville haters combined.

Coach Z?

Mike Neighbors

Kelvin Sampson Wikipedia

Is he worth the 3-3.5 mil?

The Ghost of John Wooden

Was firing MA worth losing Justice Hill over

I’ll keep my Jans (Hands) off...

Mark Few Mega Thread

All things Gruden - MERGED

Expect Players to Leave

Dedicated to the Band of Quitters Last Year (Rawhide)


JFB rolling in his grave

Go Get . . .

Anderson Gone: Hip Hip Horray

I wanted MA to be fired?

Anderson Prediction

Re: Roster Retention


Please, If you want to make an argument for Heath to go then Fine

We’re in for another 10 years of cellar dwelling

Will Stan leave after the season?

Re: The Meeting

Pitino Taking Bama Job

Ibby Ali

Let's face it!!!!!

Coach K?

What the Mueller Report reveals about MA..

Representative Cortez

Staying put


Fire DVH

Good season Hogs!

Re: DVH strategy for freshman pitching smart

Re: Coaches’ Salaries

Looks like 2 insiders don’t know jack about MA

No game with Indiana next year?

On the other hand, Hog basketball ( and football ) only have to be average

Do people hate Mike that much.....

IS it really possible Hogs will be picked in the bottom 3 next season

Texas A&M, Vandy & Alabama all care about winning

I wonder what Corliss would be like as a HC and recruiter.........

Nevada lost to Florida

Eric Musselman

Whatever You Think - - -

Mediocrity is OK Now?

Re: Do people hate Mike that much.....

Lets start another thread........

Fire Mike Anderson now!!!

Re: Posters who are “in the know”?

No summer

Odd. Didn't see MA listed here


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