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[1] Hogville Twitter

[2] Chiefs...

[3] Was anyone betting on the NFL in 1990? Magazine question.

[4] Tua or Joe?

[5] SuperBowl who you taking?

[6] Could we get a rematch of Super bowl 1 ?

[7] prop bets in the SB

[8] Bielema to the NY Giants.

[9] Super Bowl Squares

Really Cool Article on Jack and Joe Buck Calling Super Bowls

NFL team Mascots

Should the Pro Bowl just be the skills competition?

Great KC Chiefs trivia question

This guy is NOT a fan of BERT going to the Giants

San Francisco 49er's

Did Green Bay

Marshawn Lynch's advice

Kansas City Offensive Coodinator...

Green Bay first down???

Watching Houston-KC today, was anyone reminded of Arkansas-Mizzou 2016?

Action Jackson

Dallas Cowboys over the last 24 seasons, 1996-2019

Ray Rice case prompted NFL changes on domestic violence, but cases continue to t

Jason Garrett

Tyrann Mathieu continues to defy measurables

Tennessee vs New England

Could these announcers be any more Houston Biased

Booger McFarland

Upcoming draft and Quarterbacks

Cancer claims Sam Wyche at 74

Online Reports Are Saying...

Ron Rivera

Old Milwaukee

Redskins quarterbacks

Patriots Cheating again

Baker Mayfield

AB talking to Saints

Jason Garrett Fired.

Cowboys can’t get out of their own way

What needs to happen

Brandon Allen to get the start against Cleveland.

Cowboys come out looking like gang busters

Chris Smith

Thanksgiving football...

Jonathan Williams vs. Jaguars

BA game thread..2nd start, lets do this!

Myles Garrett...WTH

J Will having a career day!!

Myles Garrett

Dak Prescott and Brandon Allen

Anyone watching Chiefs?

Jeremy Sprinkle Just Fined More Than 2 Games Salary

Micheal Bennett Traded From NE for tangling with:

NFL is a joke

Is this the year the Cowboys make it back to the Super Bowl?

Hunter Henry

Patsí Bennett claims disagreement with Bielema led to suspension

Sam Irwin Hill

the broncos are worse than the razorbacks

JLO and Shakira Super Bowl Halftime Performers

Cowboys 2019 schedule, predictions

Jerry needs to talk less...

Eli Manning HOF?

Patriots release Antonio Brown

So are the Jets going to call Kaep?

Eli starts how many?

Chris Smith Playing Tonight

Why isnít there a game on CBS at 3?

Fat Boy on the NE Patriots Sideline

Brandon Allen claimed by Denver.

NFL Week 1

Ryan Mallett, XFL UPDATED..start Feb 2020, TV , espn, Fox Sports


AB Released

ZEKE is back !...

Brandon Allen cut

Andrew Luck retiring

Razorbacks in the NFL

BA killing it for the rams


Broken Rib reported for J-Will

Cedric Benson dies in a motorcycle accident

Darius Philon arrested

Philon released

Hedlon pushes another one.

Dre Greenlaw - Wow!

Rams vs Raiders

Dre Greenlaw showing out during camp

Alex Collins Trial Delayed until July...

I would like to hear the argument against...


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