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[1] For those who have lost someone in 2020

[2] Zero political post here

[3] Reopening schools

[4] Why are we so bad at this?

[5] ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement)

[6] CDC to cut quarantine exposure

[7] Vaccine timeline update

[8] AstraZeneca vaccine efficacy rates

[9] Vaccine Passes

Just want to note

Departing for China Tomorrow

No big deal just 1,870 new cases in Arkansas today

I can see why the rise in cases is happening ...

At home COVID test approved

Pfizer's vaccine shows 90% efficacy.

Maybe we just need to gargle a little longer.......

We keep finding effective treatments

Hospital Updates

Distribution of vaccine - shooting for January start

Immunity to the Coronavirus May Last Years, New Data Hint

Moderna One-ups Pfizer by claiming 94.5% effective

Sweden adopting a new strategy:

COVID Vaccine set to be announced imminently for December start

Early SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in Italy?

University of Arkansas down to 33 active cases.

New/different outlook from rural hospitals

Questioning Test Results

totally on brand

What type of masks

My brain hurts

The vulnerable can wait - vaccinate the super-spreders first

New pre-print shows Remdesivir (and HCQ + two others) actually offer no benefit

What the hell is going on with the FDA?

It happened

New research on the possibilties of immunity. Good News

Severe COVID-19 patient successfully treated with human recombinant soluble ACE2

Masks are pointless?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Science of super-spreading

Myocarditis update on athletes

Masks: lower viral load = more asymptomatic cases and less death

More vaccine reality

New Article. No way to sugar coat this

FDA gives Remdesivir it's blessing

Good news: Death rates are going down

Dept. of Health says Arkansans not following mask mandate well enough

KU study: mask mandated counties spreading virus at half the rate

Euro countries considering "circuit breaker" lockdowns.

Since people accuse me of only looking for negative

Badgers v. Huskers cancelled due to COVID

Im going to do it my way


Vaccine infrastructure

Im done

The Great Barrington Declaration

This is a legitimate debate

Bobby Bowden- 90 - beats Covid

If only this were football or basketball I would be proud

First verified reinfection in the U.S. Two months apart.


From an ICU Nurse

ABX for virus?

Now this sounds very interesting

Regenron asks FDA to approve emergency use....

Looking at NY and immunity

Well it finally happened...

Good news: Immune response, Bad news: Side effects

States are opening back up.........again

President and First Lady Test Positive

Several new articles regarding pcr accuracy

Multi-State Mask Observation

Some vaccine reality for you

I still suck....

I was just diagnosed with a condition caused by wearing a mask

Study of covid affects on heart

Coronavirus mutation

CDC backtracks??

covid sniffing dogs?

So much for herd immunity in the U.S.

More reasons to love dogs

CDC needs somebody to take control of PR

UofA down to 127 active cases.

So What’s Next?

It hits the family

False positives

Dardanelle shuts down football

Not so sure

CDC Director Redfield on face masks...

Corona response question


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