When Pigs Fly


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[1] Hogville Pilot ages?

[2] Aircraft and flight time?

[3] How bout a "cool flying pics" thread....

[4] IFR Training

[5] $100 hops and hamburger thread

[6] Followed this on flightradar24 last night looked odd

[7] WalMart Aviation

[8] A very good friend of mine passed today

[9] Any cropdusters?

A letter to the AD

Nothing here

So, have you heard this one?

Hypothetical US Military Aircraft

The anniversary just passed for the ANZ 901 Mt. Erebus Crash

Any LSA pilots here?

Sir Thomas Sopwith interview 1984

Crawl through a B-29 Superfortress IN FLIGHT!

Y’all still alive?

Bentonville/KVBT Accident

Hangar Neighbor Hog Strike

Marion County Regional Airport (KFLP)

Little Rock Airparks

Pawhuska, OK Mercantile

New Search for MH370

Anybody ever flown a Gyrocopter?

Headed to NWA

L-39 crash at my home base on Sunday

Big G hurricane evacuation

Beechwood down

Pirep Patti's 1880 settlement. Restaurant


pa-32-300 checkout

What's your favorite GA airport to fly into in Alabama?


Boeing 757

Long road to diagnosis, discovery of multiple issues

Bleed fail!

EPA and Aviation

I got a new job(flying!) :(

Small Plane crash in Hope

Common sense tips if you fly commercially a lot.

Interesting read about WWII intel on a recovered Japanese Zero

Can't believe I didn't see a thread about......

FlightAware Notificatin - Bad Info

KOMA in Mid-May

Stratus 2

C182 down near Albequerque

Sun n Fun

Gyro instrument Pirep needed

Recent Flying Stuff

Need a ride!!! M18 --> KPBF

gotya update 2.0

JPI EDM 830 Engine Monitor

Got an offer to attend Army Instructor Pilot Course

WW II Pilot

Newbie here

2015 Annuals

Anyone ever Airliners.net?

OK, maybe this one

Eight propellers per seat?

Booty Call! You've probably heard it..

Cobalt Valkyrie

Intro and KBTR

Plane down on MLK?

gotya update--heavy on the avionics

Books about flying

Happy Birthday, Flying Razorback


U of A job opening. Pilot

Legally able to fly plane

Dallas Morning News Airline Report Terry Maxon after 42 years.

Anybody know?

Anyone flown a Van?

Horrible airshow accident in the UK today

Red River via KRTN

F-16 and Cessna 150 mid-air in SC

Rights to fly drones over private property

Question for all you Pilots out there

Springdale controller drunk on the job.


Pilot narrowly escapes

North Little Rock Airport Air and Car show

What kind of an outfit they running over there in Morrilton???

Mountain Crash - AOPA real pilot story

He Lived!

Video: Formation jet pack flying over Dubai


Beautiful Flying weather lately,,,

Lake Landing



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