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2019-20 SEC Men’s Basketball Projections



UK 8-1

AU 20-1


 2 UK
 2 AU
 6 UT
 8 UF
 8 OM
 8 MS

3rd out: Bama
7th out: LS


 2. UK
10. UT
24. AU


 3. UK
22. AU
23. UT


 3. UK
19. UF
22. AU
25. UT


 4. AU
 5. UK
22. UT

Just In Time 2019-20 SEC basketball ranking

Joe Cox

--- Quote ---14. Vandy
Maybe Jerry Stackhouse works out, but the move smells like desperation, not like a program that was one of the league’s best not that long ago...

13. A&M
Look, we love the Buzz Williams hire, too. But the Aggies were terrible this past season, and they don’t have much help coming in recruiting.

12. Mizzou

11. Arkansas
As with A&M, probably a good hire in getting Eric Musselman. As with A&M, the cupboard is pretty bare, particularly with Daniel Gafford apparently gone. The Razorbacks will need some patience...

10. Ole Miss
Kermit Davis had a stellar first season in Oxford, and will continue to make opponents fight for everything they get against the Rebels. The potential loss of Breein Tyree is a big one, though, and without him and departing senior Terence Davis, Kermit 2.0 might lack...

9. MS

8. Alabama
Nate Oats is the league’s new coach (pending whatever happens at LSU) in the best shape to make a 2020 run...

7. Georgia
How good is Anthony Edwards?  [The term "Wing" Man was invented for Edwards]

Enough to take an 11-21 team from last season into the NCAA Tournament

6. LS
Hardest team to rank. Yes, the Tigers won the league. Yes, most of their stars are testing the NBA waters, and their head coach is in NCAA/administrative...

5. SC

4. UT Vols

3. UF

2. Aubbie
Hey, the Tigers did have that whole Final Four run to their credit. Yes, Jared Harper is apparently gone, and Bryce Brown is definitely gone. But the Tigers are likely to return a fair amount of their firepower and add to it with a solid recruiting class

1. Kentucky
With the return of Ashton Hagans, it’s clear that Kentucky will return at least some of the players who got them to the Elite Eight. Meanwhile, they’ll add a top 3 recruiting class and senior transfer Nate Sestina. This far out from the season, there’s not a ton of confidence in this projection, but it makes sense to start UK on top.
--- End quote ---

Rick Barnes finally discusses plans for Tennessee’s roster heading into 2019-20 season

--- Quote ---Volunteers advanced to the Sweet 16 this season, but they’re losing star G Admiral Schofield and potentially SEC Player of the Year Grant Williams and talented PG Jordan Bone as well.

Williams and Bone could still return, but Schofield and F Kyle Alexander are out of eligibility, freeing up a couple of roster spots.

What does coach Rick Barnes plan to do with those spots? Barnes:

“You’re always looking around for players, but right now I don’t see anything happening with our roster,” Barnes said during his press conference on Tuesday. “I don’t, but I’ve been caught off guard before and surprised before with it. We’ve talked to our players, and we’ve had great meetings with them, got their take on everything. We were out recruiting the other day, and Kim (English) made a great point to one of the recruits about the first day he walked into practice when the guys were working out. These guys are jumping right back into it, and the guys that didn’t get a chance to play last year feel like they have a chance. Their focus has been terrific.

“We know we have to be ready for the guys that are looking at the NBA to stay here, and if they do, we have to be ready.”
--- End quote ---

AL.com sports
‏Verified account@aldotcomSports
 2h2 hours ago

Here's what @AuburnMBB's upcoming roster looks like now that the NBA Draft deadline has passed: https://trib.al/tPRfcse

--- Quote --- NBA Draft deadline passed without any word from Austin Wiley declaring for the NBA Draft. So while he apparently didn’t put his name in the ring, both Jared Harper and Chuma Okeke did.

With those two looking toward their future, and Bryce Brown, Horace Spencer and Malik Dunbar all graduating, the Auburn basketball roster will be significantly different entering the 2019-2020...

Point guard: J’Von McCormick
Auburn is also bringing in Tyrell Jones

Shooting guard: There really isn’t anyone from last season’s roster that could take this spot.

Small Forward: This is where Auburn finally has some returning faces. Samir Doughty started in this spot most of last season

Power forward: This is where Purifoy has the inside track to start. He started his first game of the season during the Final Four, and was a critical piece as the Tigers dispatched North Carolina and Kentucky —

Center: Auburn should feel pretty good about the center spot. Anfernee McLemore returns — Then there’s Austin Wiley...
--- End quote ---


5-star, 6-7 forward, one of five ‘19 newcomers although in-state Mr. Basketball Allen is coming off an ACL injury.


Porter goes. Tilmon to return.


SEC with six in plus 3rd out Bama and 7th out Georgia


1 UK
3 AU
6 UT
7 UF
9 MS
9 OM



Tony Dell thinks EJ Montgomery will stay in the NFL Draft


Nick Richards to return.


--- Quote from: jbcarol on May 25, 2019, 01:50:23 pm ---https://www.kentucky.com/sports/college/kentucky-sports/uk-basketball-men/article230828224.html

Tony Dell thinks EJ Montgomery will stay in the NFL Draft

--- End quote ---


Returning to school


 3. UK
15. AU
19. Vols
25. LS


 1 UK
 2 AU
 5 LS
 6 UF
 6 UT
 9 MS
11 UG

Last in UG
4th out OM


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