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Can Nate Oats be Alabama’s Bruce Pearl?



--- Quote ---After Alabama pays Johnson a lump sum of $6 million, Bryne can then begin in earnest the process of searching for a new basketball coach. There are some excellent basketball coaches out there who could, maybe, if given a few years, solve this riddle of basketball mediocrity in Tuscaloosa. Steve Prohm, who is currently at Iowa State, is the most popular name out of the gate to succeed Johnson. Fred Hoiberg is being mentioned. Kelvin Sampson at Houston is, too.

Prohm is an Alabama graduate with roots to Alabama basketball. Hoiberg had success at Iowa State and then coached the Chicago Bulls for two seasons before being fired after a poor start to this season. Sampson, now at Houston, has won everywhere he has been.

Byrne should reach out to Rick Pitino when he starts contacting potential candidates. It’s at least worth a phone call or lunch at the Final Four.

People will overreact to that idea, of course, and fake outrage on Twitter because that’s what we do now, but Pitino is, arguably, one of the three greatest college basketball coaches alive, and he’s currently not coaching college basketball.

Is Pitino unhirable for Alabama? Probably so, and for more reasons than one, but he wasn’t arrested by the FBI after its investigation into college basketball corruption, and there currently isn’t a show cause against Pitino by the NCAA. Maybe one is coming, but Pitino has vehemently maintained his innocence.

Pitino was fired by Louisville in the wake of the bombshell case that linked bribes by Adidas to Louisville basketball recruits, but a member of the Alabama basketball team was linked to that investigation and Avery Johnson wasn’t fired. Auburn assistant coach Chuck Person just pled guilty in federal court, but Bruce Pearl wasn’t fired.
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Jeff Goodman
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Alabama Search Firm: The candidates, who I think will get the job and who I would hire:

--- Quote ---MY PICK: Chris Beard – Alabama has money. I’d make Beard an offer that he can’t refuse. He’s one of top up-and-coming coaches in the country.

WHO I THINK THEY WILL WIND UP HIRING: Steve Prohm – It’s difficult to turn down your alma mater. This won’t be an easy decision for Prohm, especially because it would be a lateral move.
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Reading between lines of Greg Byrne talking Alabama hoops coaching search


--- Quote ---...this is Byrne’s first men’s basketball head coaching job search as an athletics director. He inherited Rick Stansbury at Mississippi State when he was AD there from 2008-10 and Sean Miller at Arizona when he worked there 2010-17. A few high-profile football coaches were hired on his watch including Dan Mullen at Mississippi State and Rich Rodriguez at Arizona. And he’s obviously well-connected after a lifetime...

 Byrne presented a list of four requirements for a coach. They were standard but had some meaning in the current environment.

Player development. College background. Strong academics and NCAA compliance.

Between the lines: The Rick Pitino twitter momentum isn’t likely leaking into Byrne’s search.

“We’re not terribly concerned with geographic footprint,” Byrne said. “We’re not terribly concerned with winning the press conference. We’re concerned with getting a great basketball coach for the University of Alabama.”

Between the lines: There are some interesting names without jobs like former Ohio State coach Thad Matta who hasn’t been a coach of a team south of Cincinnati. He’s not quite the personality of Avery Johnson, but honestly, few are. Chris Beard is another hot name at Texas Tech who isn’t that wow name to the casual fan but has took Little Rock to the NCAA second round in 2016 before leading Texas Tech to the Round of 8 last year and...

On the timetable for making a hire, Byrne acknowledged the transfer portal and recruiting dynamics in play.

“We also know there are teams playing and there are dynamics out there that we can’t control,” Byrne said. “So, we don’t want to rush to just get done.”

Between the lines: There are 16 teams still playing.

Bottom line: This will not be a traditional coaching search if Byrne has his way. He practically threatens candidates not to leak any information about their involvement in the process.

We’ll see how that plays out in the 2019 landscape.
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Greg Byrne wastes no time.

Aaron Torres
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Said this today on my podcast. If Alabama had just kept Avery Johnson, they would have been the second or third best team in the SEC next year. Now the next coach could be starting from scratch. Wonder if moving off Avery Johnson really was worth it

A lunatic on the sideline, Nate Oats brings energy to Bama

--- Quote ---Oats, the newly hired basketball coach at Alabama, has a reputation for being a lunatic on the sidelines during games, so he’s not hard to miss.

In the 2018 NCAA Tournament, it was more than Oats’ stomping and screaming that made Alabama athletics director Greg Byrne take notice. In the first round of the tournament, Oats and his underdog Buffalo upset Byrne’s former employer, Arizona, which at the time featured the future No.1 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, Deandre Ayton.

Oats is a frenetic, high-energy, powder keg during games, and his teams play exactly like he coaches.

They are fun to watch, and dizzyingly fast and he gets the most out of his players (especially the guards). Byrne penciled Oats and his oversized sideline persona on his short list of potential hires if the right opportunity ever presented itself. A year later, it did.

Needing a coach who can get the most out of a roster in a conference full of top-flight talent, Byrne wasted no time in turning to Oats to be Alabama’s new basketball coach after parting ways with Avery Johnson...

It’s a bold move by Byrne, who will now be judged by the success of a complete SEC outsider in a conference that is getting more difficult every season. Alabama was one of four SEC basketball teams to change coaches in the last few weeks. Byrne was the first to hire a replacement.
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Bama's ninja of an AD pulled another sleight of hand on Wednesday, with Greg Byrne hiring Nate Oats as head basketball coach less than a week after parting ways with Avery

At this point, the question on Bama fans' lips should be, can he be the Crimson Tide's Bruce Pearl?


--- Quote ---Oats wasn't the most prominent name on most wish lists (I even deleted him at the last minute from a list of candidates in this space on Tuesday), but he's obviously been on Byrne's radar for quite a while. Still, there was a period of an hour or so Wednesday where it appeared former Ohio State coach Thad Matta might be headed to Tuscaloosa.

But no, Alabama got Oats, who has reached the second round of the NCAA tournament two straight years at Buffalo. He’s the latest young-ish (he’s 44) mid-major basketball coach whose success on a national stage has gotten him a shot in the SEC.

I'm on record (both on Twitter and on radio) as saying I'm not blown away by this hire, so it would be disingenuous for me to act like I love the move here. But I can't say Oats won't be a huge success at Alabama, either immediately or long-term.

Can Nate Oast be the Crimson Tide's Bruce Pearl?

When I say that, I mean Pearl at Tennessee more so than Pearl at Auburn. When the Tigers hired Pearl, he had plenty of NCAA baggage (including a show cause order that didn’t expire until he’d been on the job for a few months) but was also already a proven winner in the SEC with the Volunteers.

Nevertheless, we need to pause for a second and take note of the job Pearl has done at Auburn...
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Pearl had baggage when he was hired at Tennessee.  It was from being informally blacklisted for years for turning in another program for cheating.


Sabin: Expectations on Nate Oats increases as Bruce Pearl’s five go to Final Four


Players were blowed up.  Had never experienced anything like it with Johnson, Sr., Grant.


Won 59 games in the last two seasons in the MAC.

No,  Oats seems to be a stand up, decent guy, who isn't in the BSing business.

I'd hope for him to be something better than Pearl.


Oats finished behind Chris Beard, Sampson, and Wofford’s Mike Young.


--- Quote from: jbcarol on April 04, 2019, 08:33:41 pm ---https://www.al.com/alabamabasketball/2019/04/new-alabama-coach-nate-oats-finishes-top-five-in-ap-coach-of-the-year-voting.html

Oats finished behind Chris Beard, Sampson, and Wofford’s Mike Young.

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High praise indeed...  8)


Lewis is staying after hire.  Was flirting with disaster.


Former Tide star Antoine Pettway, former Bull right hand man Brian Hodgson, and former G-League coach Charlie Henry



Andrew Steele played at Bama from ‘08 to ‘13.


Mack is back


Quinerly from Nova


Encouraged by the recruiting success Pearl has had.


--- Quote from: jbcarol on July 09, 2019, 10:40:45 am ---https://www.al.com/alabamabasketball/2019/07/one-on-one-emotional-interview-with-alabamas-nate-oats.html

Encouraged by the recruiting success Pearl has had.

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Wow. Very good interview. Good luck to him and his wife and family.


6-8 JuCo transfer tears ACL


--- Quote from: jbcarol on September 07, 2019, 07:41:38 am ---https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alabama-football/projected-key-contributor-for-alabama-basketball-to-miss-2019-20-season

6-8 JuCo transfer tears ACL

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That's going to hurt them.

From a selfish perspective, I don't mind talented big guys having issues, if anyone in our league has to have them, for the sake of Hog prosperity next year.


Juwan Gary, torn ACL


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