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Chuck Person changes plea in federal bribery case

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Former Auburn assistant Chuck Person to changes tune

Old team goes on to win SEC Basketball Tournament with four wins in 72 hours or so

Do you know this Person?

--- Quote ---Person originally pleaded not guilty in November 2017 to six federal charges stemming from the FBIís investigation into the criminal influence of money on college basketball that rocked the NCAA in September 2017. He will enter a change of plea in federal court on Tuesday, with the Associated Press reporting that Person will plead guilty to a conspiracy charge. Personís plea deal is expected to be similar to the ones offered to the three other college assistants involved in the federal investigation, with a recommended sentencing of two to 2 1/2 years in prison.

Person is alleged to have received approximately $91,500 in bribes from a cooperating witness -- later identified as Pittsburgh-based financial adviser Marty Blazer --
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Auburn athletics declined to comment

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